Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A special visitor this week...

This is our baby Nola. Nola lives in Dayton, Ohio with her grandparents. Josh and I weren't able to bring her to Erie because our townhouse has a no animal policy, which has been difficult because we miss little Nola.

This is Nola's second time vacationing in Erie with us. (Yes, she is staying with us illegally...shhh don't tell.) She loves swimming in Lake Erie and we hope to be able to take her there tomorrow for a quick dip.

This is her...I know you have ice cream
and I want some...look.

Nola Stats:
Color: black, with a little white on her chest and a tiny white goatee
Weight: 6.8 lbs. (full grown)
Favorite food: whatever you're eating or her dental bones
Favorite game: tug o' war or her mad dog run (running at full speed back forth in our house)
Nicknames: Booty, Black Mamba, Nolabola, and Xibalba (I think that's all of them)
Snuggle factor: absolutely, she curls up nicely in your lap
Nap time: all day long
She hasn't met anyone who hasn't fallen in love with her.

Many ask if Josh and I will ever get Nola back after we move. If I did ever ask for Nola back, my mother said she would take me to court for custody of Nola. That could get pretty messy. I'm so thankful my parents absolutely love her and couldn't imagine life without her.


  1. Bethany,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. So good to hear from you! Funny that you left a comment today, because last night I was checking my blog stats and it showed that someone had clicked on my blog from your blog. I can't believe you hadn't told me that you officially started a blog! I am so proud of you that you have officially entered the blogging world and now I can keep up with you more regularly.
    How was the wedding? My parents said it was beautiful and the pictures you posted are amazing. Wish we could have been there.

    Miss you...


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