Friday, December 30, 2011

Still here...

Hey blog peeps, long time no blog. We are here, doing well, and finally unwinding after the holidays. December was kind of a weird month for us. Josh was working nights and when he wasn't working or sleeping he was studying for boards (step 3). His board exam was the Wednesday before Christmas and last night was his last night shift! Can I get an AMEN?!! Josh is working all this weekend and then starts surgery rotations for the next 4.5 years! There really isn't much to complain about the first half of his intern year, it's been a pretty smooth transition for us. I'm praying for another smooth adjustment into his surgery schedule and a regular on-call schedule. So there's a little update on one of my boys.

And now a little update on my favorite 13 month old. Jonah is doing great. This is a really fun stage but it isn't without its challenges. We're also struggling with chronic ear infections. Poor little guy keeps getting a cold which leads to an ear infection. His pediatrician just gave us a number to call an ENT for a consultation so we'll see what they say. I'm praying for no tubes.

We had a blast celebrating Christmas with Jonah this year. 
He doesn't get the whole Christmas thing but we it was 
still fun together. 

And there really isn't that much new with me. I love my job of taking care of my boys. It's hard work but extremely rewarding. I'm also staying busy with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). As much work as it is I'm so thankful to be studying God's Word through through BSF. I've also met some really women through my discussion group. 

So far our first seven months of living in Canton has been pretty good. We've had ups and downs but God has remained faithful and we continue to look to Him as we embark on 2012. 

 Merry Christmas 
Happy 2012!

May your new year be filled with the Lord's peace and 
knowledge of His love for you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jonah's 1st Birthday Party Pictures

About a month ago we celebrated Jonah's first birthday in Dayton at my parents' house. It was quite the celebration with a lot of family and friends. I really enjoyed the planning and putting this party together, and of course celebrating Jonah. I definitely couldn't have it without the help of my amazing family. I of course have a lot of photos from his big day but here are just a few highlights from his day. 

Jonah wasn't quite sure what to think of his cake. He acted like he didn't really care for it. He was more concerned about it being all over his hands than actually eating it. Not sure how he went from the pictures above to the pictures below so quickly. 
We actually gave him a quick bath before he opened up his presents.

I told Josh if our next baby is a boy (good Lord's willing we're able to have another baby) he will be having the same first birthday party that Jonah had. :) 

Thank you again family for all of your help, and thank you to Josh's family who drove five hours from Michigan to celebrate Jonah's first birthday. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have had so many of his cousins at his party. And I certainly can't forget to thank my Aunt Toni and cousin Jessika for flying up from Atlanta, GA just for the party. Thank you all so much!

It was an great day of feeling loved and blessed by our family and also by many of our dear friends. There is something about seeing other people love your children that warms your heart. 
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