Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seven Months

close contenders for your seven month picture...
when you get really excited you scream (we thought it was pretty first) and pump your legs really fast. I think you are mid-scream in these pictures. I had to post these pictures for your Uncle Marcky. 

When people stop and ask me how old you are I have to catch myself and think...there is no way you are already seven months old. As sad as I get sometimes when I look back at pictures from when you were born, I am loving watching you grow and learn to do so many things. 

I think one of my favorite things has been to watch you eat. We're still pretty much on baby food but now that things are finally starting to settle down for us, I've started making your food and I'm slowly introducing some lumpy food to you. I think bananas are your favorite (I believe that is what you are eating in the picture above). I have really enjoyed making your food and I love knowing exactly what you are eating and it is so much cheaper! And I thought your high-chair was helping to prevent you from sucking your thumb but you are still pretty persistent in following each bite with your thumb. This morning in fact you had your left thumb in your mouth and your right index finger. 

You definitely let us know when you want more food by either slapping your arm on your high-chair tray or by grunting/moaning. And we know when you are finished when you perse your lips and start blowing razzies at us. It's a good thing you're so darn cute cuz those razzies make you 
(and those feeding you) so so messy. 

You are not quite sitting up on your own but we are working on it. I have noticed during your play time you are very focused and determined to get every one of your toys in your mouth, preferrably at the same time but you're learning that is just not possible. 

This was your outfit for your Uncle Marcky & Ya-ya's wedding. You were so-O AD-OR-ABLE!!  (Shelly's mom made the vest)

Don't tell Baby Wise, but sometimes in the morning right before your first nap, you and I snuggle up and I let you fall asleep on me. I know you probably aren't going to be doing this for much longer, so I am trying to soak up while I can. 

You are now rolling in both directions, yay! You still prefer to roll to the right and your technique to roll to the left is quite interesting as you use your head (instead of your arms) as your pivot point, but hey it's what works for you. As much as we are loving you rolling around, 
diaper changes are sometime a two-man job. 

Thank you so much for being so flexible and patience with us this month as we were getting settled into our new home and traveling, traveling, and traveling some more. I know you don't love being in your car seat for so long so your Papa and I really appreciated how great you were during our long trips and even our late nights out. It has been such a joy being your mother. We are continuing to pray for you and your heart to love Jesus and to serve Him. We love you and look forward to seeing your grow more and more (even though it I sometimes wish you were teeny-tiny again). =) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy birthday to my favorite baby's daddy! Today is definitely one of my favorite days of the year, the day that you and I are actually the same age (at least for the next four months). Not that being a couple months older than you is a big deal or anything, but you do like to remind me so I'm enjoying us both being 27 today (and until October)!

I'm going to try to not be too frustrated with you today for not letting me make your birthday more of a big deal, but it is your birthday so I guess I can't be mad at you. Jonah and I have been wanting to celebrate you, honor you, tell you how proud and how much we appreciate and love you for ALL you have done and continue to do for our family. These past couple of months have been pretty significant milestones for our family, throw your birthday right in there that's cause for some serious celebrating!

You are an A-MA-ZING papa to our Jonah. I remember when we first had Jonah, I was questioning every single little thing (even what to name him). You always remained calm and helped me work through whatever mess I was creating in my head, and you were always right. I know that I can always count on you to continue to help me with that (because Lord knows I have been kind of all over the place). I know that I can always count on you period. You have always put your family first,  you have always shown that Jonah and I are a priority. We are truly thankful to you for that.   

the bluriness is actually some smoots on my camera lens, 
but it's kind of artsy so we're just gonna go with it. 

I love that I have been seeing you more and more in Jonah. Incredibly handsome and adorable. 

And you were so great with our nephews and nieces this weekend.  They know they can always count on their Uncle Josh to be there to play with them.

This might not have been the safest activity for a 4 and 2 year old, 
but I know you are always watching out for them.  

 As our new chapter of residency begins (in one week!), please know how much Jonah and I love and appreciate you for how hard your work for our family. We will be there for you to encourage you, to love you, and pray that the Lord continues to go before you in all that you do and keep His hand on you as you lead our famly. We don't know what we would do without you. 
Happy birthday Josh! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Almost back....

I know I have been promising lots of pictures and lots of updates but we have been on a little vacation in Michigan. We leave tomorrow morning for home (which doesn't quite feel like home yet) where we will finally be there for more than four days, finally settle in, finally establish somewhat of a routine, and spend as much time together as a family before Josh starts his residency. Even though June has been so busy for us and at times we feel like all we've been doing is driving, we are so thankful for all of the time we got to spend with our family. So I promise pictures are coming and there will be lots and lots of pictures.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

superfast re-cap

Josh graduated from LECOM May 29th, he is officially Dr. Glupker! Way to go babe!

We moved back to Ohio Memorial weekend. (thank you again family for all of your help!)

My little sister also graduated from Ohio State's med-school!

Josh and I celebrated our four year anniversary but we were so exhausted from a really late night of celebrating and Jonah waking up at 4am that we both forgot and my mother reminded us. We plan on doing something special together before residency starts.

My brother got married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More to come on this later but their wedding was so much fun!

This has been an incredibly busy month for us. We are exhausted but we're trying to get as much in as we can before Josh starts working at the end of this month. Next week we'll be heading to Michigan to go to Josh's parents cottage and then hopefully we'll have some down time as a family in our home before residency begins.

Hoping to have some time to post more pictures of each event soon. Especially the picture of Jonah at my brother's wedding, he was adorable in his little outfit! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

6 Months...2 weeks later

Sweet Jonah,
Thank you for not caring that your six month post is just now getting posted two weeks late. And thank you for not caring if I've taken a shower, done my hair, make-up, or even brushed my teeth. I will try to not be so crazy about getting all of the boogers out of your nose because I know you absolutely hate me coming near your nose.

You had a great six month appointment, your last one with Dr. Z, we will miss her. You weighed 16 pounds 15 ounces (41st percentile), 26.25" in length (45th percentile) and I can't remember your head circumference but you are still on the small side (9th percentile). Looking at you one wouldn't say you have a small head but I guess your head would look huge if you were in the 40-50th percentile. Your Kika came with us to your appointment (and even Uncle Michael got to be there for a little bit) and I so appreciate her helping you with your shots, which weren't great but not totally horrible.  Thanking and praising the Lord for another healthy report and praying we can find another great doctor in Massillon/Canton.

You have been rolling all over the place. You prefer to roll to the right so we're working on that. Diaper changes have become quite a challenge for me as a toy hardly keeps you distracted.

 Oh my goodness, I love those deltoids!

The week of our move (the week you had your six month shots) your night sleep started getting a little funky, and by funky I mean you were waking up every couple of hours. Between the shots, teething, moving, and late nights due to different graduation festivities, I can totally understand your sleep habits getting disrupted. You are starting to get back on track to sleeping through the night and your naps have been getting better too (praise the Lord!)

I love this picture of you with your Kika. This was the day of our move and it was hot! Your room wasn't set up yet but I know your Kika didn't mind one bit for you to take your nap on her shoulder.

I LOVE how your whole face lights up when you smile and your eyes 
turn into little half moons. So sweet!

 Your papa and I are always talking about what an A-MA-ZING sweet boy you are. We are so blessed and love love love you to pieces! And I'm trying to not take it personally that you have 
started saying "da-da-da-da-da" before "ma-ma-ma". =) I know you love your mama.

Eating solids has been going really well, especially now that we got out your highchair. It has really helped with you not sucking your thumb after every bite, but you still sneak it in there while you're eating. You just started eating green veggies again, I was getting a little worried you were getting a tan from all of the sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash you were eating. I'm hoping to start making some of your food now that we are a bit more settled from the move.

So much has happened already during your sixth month. Your papa (and your Aunt Britt) have graduated from medical school, you moved from your first home in Erie, PA to Canton, OH, and in a couple of days you get to be a part of your Uncle Marc's wedding. With all that has been going on you have been so flexible and so great about us adjusting your schedule and your routine. Thanks for always being so chill when your mama and papa (mostly mama) are a bit on edge.We love you so much sweet Jonahtello and continue to look forward to each new day with you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Move/No Internet

Never really appreciated the Internet (& cable) until we don't have it. But we truly have so much to do we don't need those distractions. But hopefully when we get it hooked up on Friday I can do Jonah's six month post. :) Overall, I'd say our move was pretty successful. I don't know what we would have done without our family. I still feel like everything is such a blur. I think things were moving so fast and I was fighting back tears all day from having to say goodbye to our dear friends and our first home together. Our entire married life and my babies were born in Erie so Erie will always hold a special place in my heart. Better get back to organizing so I can enjoy a nice long bath in my new garden tub, I'm so excited about our new bathtub!
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