Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You look like you're too big to fit into the picture. Which you are getting to be 
so big and I'm gonna need you to stop it, okay? 

So fast, you getting bigger is just happening way too fast for me. 
I mean, I know you aren't heading off to college anytime soon, but I can't believe in less than a month you are going to be 12 months. A full year! If I'm not okay with you getting so big so fast (I totally realize there is nothing I can do about that) this month, not sure how I'm going to handle you turning a full year next month. But like always, I'm jumping ahead of myself. 
I will try to embrace today and cherish every moment I have with you. 

This is seriously the name of your game, let's pull up on anything and everything. 
And you continue to be a ham in front of the camera, which makes for a lot of smiley pictures. =)
I don't know how you know it but every time I pull out the camera (which is a lot) you give us the biggest smiles. Your father standing behind me making silly noises and faces might have something to do with it, you happen to think he is pretty funny.

Yes, you love your Dada and I'm kind of okay that you've been saying "dada" and not "momma", because I know where I stand. You are just starting to have a hard time if someone takes you that is not as familiar to you, you get a little sad and point to me. And if you realize I'm not near you while you've been playing, you get a little fussy and try to come find me. I never ever want you to be sad but I kind of love you crawling up to my legs and pulling on my pants to get me to pick you up. The first time you did that my heart just melted. You are very much a momma's boy and I'm perfectly okay with that. 

A picture from your first wagon ride last Sunday. Thank you again Grandma G, for such a great gift! We love it and hope to get in lots of use before it's too cold. 


Another fun gift from Grandma G, an IKEA tool belt. It's a little big but it's not stoppin' Jonah. So cute! 

I love that you love reading books and hope you always love reading. You don't always want to sit on our laps and snuggle but if we grab a book it is guaranteed snuggle time. 

Your father has been mentioning that you might need a hair cut soon. Your hair can be unruly most of the time but I'm loving seeing the curls pop up and I want to wait and see if we can get some floppy curls. I promise to trim the back to take of the rat tail/mullet if that gets out of control. Don't you just love this awesome front wave? And check out those curls in the pic below, I love them!

Thank you again Jonah for bringing so much joy into our lives. Seeing God's grace through your life has been an amazing blessing and gift to our entire family. You are loved and adored by so many sweet boy. And thank you for taking an amazing nap today so I too could rest and write this blog post for you. =) Love you so so much Jonah!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Tricks

I call these first two pictures his 'downward facing dog' pose. 

This little boy is on the move. 
He is loving the new world he is discovering now that he can pull himself up 
and crawl for real and real fast. 

I love how he gets excited every time he pulls himself up, it's like he is so proud of himself. 

Imagine if for your entire life (all 10 months of it) you only laid on your back or belly or sat on your toosh to play, and now all of a sudden you are realizing there is a whole new world (the bathroom, laundry room, windows, our closets, the kitchen, outlets, etc.). You would be pretty excited too when you pulled yourself on the coffee table or couch. 

I absolutely love that he is developing physically but it is seriously happening so fast. Everyday I am seeing him getting a little more coordinated and problem solving when he gets stuck somewhere. The best has been watching him learn how to get down when he is standing up. He starts slowly with a little squat with his hands still on the couch, and just before his bottom reaches the floor he plops himself down. This kid is amazing and I am one really proud momma. 

And with all of this new physical development, diaper changes are extremely challenging with a little boy who does not like to sit still unless you are reading to him. 

And we also have our fare share of bumps and bruises. But if he is anything like his boy cousins,
 I'm sure this is only the beginning. 

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