Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My sweet Jonah, you are three months old today! AH! For some reason I keep saying you are two months old. I guess because it's hard to believe you're already three months old and also I get sad that you're getting older and bigger, but happy at the same time. :)

Uncle Marcky, Jonah wanted to bump fists with you. 

Jonah, you are such a happy baby and you bring us so much JOY! You are starting to laugh at us and I love it! You are actually the happiest right when we get you up in the morning. It certainly makes early mornings not so bad when I get to see your smiling face. And I am far from a morning person but this is my favorite time of the day with you. When I'm changing your diaper and feeding you in the morning, I realize that I missed you during the night. So blessed to have another day with you. 

Per the request of some close friends and family, here is a picture of the two of us. I seriously only have a couple of pictures of you and me (except from when you were first born thanks to Brooke). I guess when I'm the one who is always picking up the camera, that's just what happens.

You are a champ at sleeping during the night (praise the Lord!). We're still having issues with your 45 minute naps, but I'm trying to not be too frustrated since you are doing so great at night. I'm praying that this is just a phase. Any tips of wisdom seasoned moms out there?

You love playing on your play mat but you play hard, and this is usually what happens.

We were trying to keep you awake for a little bit longer, but that didn't quite work out for us. You continue to prove to us you can fall asleep anywhere and in any position. We have also been noticing that you are quite the little squirmer when you sleep. You tend to move down in your crib during the night, so much so that I can't see you in the video monitor. And one morning we woke up to you perpendicular in your crib.

At first I was a little worried about you becoming a thumb sucker, but now I think it's adorable when you do it.  I guess there's not much I can do about it right now anyways. And if I don't have to re-insert your paci in the middle of the night, more power to you.

I think the one thing we can take away from this collage, is that you are the most
happy when you are fist-pumping.

Happy three months sweet boy! We continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with such an amazing son who warms our hearts every single day. We pray for you daily and ask the Lord for wisdom in how to be the best parents we can to you. Love you Jobu!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Match Day

At exactly 12pm today Josh received an email announcing his placement for a general surgery residency in Massillon, Ohio! We are super excited he matched and that the waiting is over. This whole process of boards, applications, interviews, waiting, and having a baby in the midst of it all has been pretty crazy. We are just so thankful we know where we are going (for the next 5 years), God is so faithful!

Even though we know where we are moving to, I'm still going to be in denial that I have to leave our friends here. Massillon is only 2.5 hours from Erie which is very doable for a day trip for lots of visits.

And happy Valentine's day! Hope everyone is enjoying today and the melting snow! 

 My two sweet Valentines.

Thank you Yaya and Uncle Marcky for my sweet Valentine's day gifts. I love them all!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve

Josh and I recently set up Netflix via our Wii and we recently started watching the TV show "Heroes". It's kind of weird and there is a lot going on but we are enjoying it.

Tomorrow Josh starts a new rotation (ambulatory), and tomorrow is also the osteopathic residency match. We will be finding out (or not finding out) where we will be moving. We're not quite sure how we're feeling. I mean, of course we are a little nervous (I feel like we should be more nervous) but I think it's more surreal to us. I'm sure we'll be feeling the nerves a bit more tomorrow closer to noon when they post online where you matched. We are praying for wisdom for whatever news we hear tomorrow. The Lord already knows where we will be moving to next, so we continue to trust Him with the plans He has for us.

I'm really thankful Josh doesn't have to be at work until 12:45pm tomorrow, so we're planning on going out to breakfast to celebrate Valentine's day and then wait until the results are posted online. I will definitely update the blog when we find out.

Jonah of course is amazing. I can't believe he will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. He is sleeping well at night but we're having a few issues with his napping. I believe it's called the "45 minute intruder". I can set a timer from when I lay him down for a nap he is awake in 45 minutes. Not exactly sure to fix this but we're working on it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More sweet faces

I'm sorry but I can't help myself....

So far we are enjoying our weekend, my parents are here getting to enjoy all of Jonah's sweet faces. Hope you too are enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Memory of Leyton

After we lost Leyton, the company my father works for (Pediatrix Medical Group) donated money to the hospital's NICU where my father practices. The hospital's foundation office found an artist to make beautiful glass flowers to display for two different entrances to the NICU. At the end of Josh's last rotation in Dayton, the foundation office held a special dedication for us. The dedication was short but very sweet, it was a special and emotional day for us. We felt so blessed to see many of the people my father works with come out and show their support for us. I have always know my father is well respected at the hospital but we were able to see how much he is loved and cared for. I truly believe that it is Christ in my father's life and His love overflowing out of my father to everyone around him.

Sweet Jonah was asleep for the whole dedication. But we're
glad we were able to share this with him.

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