Monday, February 14, 2011

Match Day

At exactly 12pm today Josh received an email announcing his placement for a general surgery residency in Massillon, Ohio! We are super excited he matched and that the waiting is over. This whole process of boards, applications, interviews, waiting, and having a baby in the midst of it all has been pretty crazy. We are just so thankful we know where we are going (for the next 5 years), God is so faithful!

Even though we know where we are moving to, I'm still going to be in denial that I have to leave our friends here. Massillon is only 2.5 hours from Erie which is very doable for a day trip for lots of visits.

And happy Valentine's day! Hope everyone is enjoying today and the melting snow! 

 My two sweet Valentines.

Thank you Yaya and Uncle Marcky for my sweet Valentine's day gifts. I love them all!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Will you be closer to your parents? KNOW you must feel a HUGE feeling of joy and relief! You do know there is a direct flight from Cleveland to DFW, don't you?

  2. I'm SO happy for you guys! God is good! I can Not believe how big little man is! We will see you in March before he starts walking and talking.

  3. SUCH big news! We are thrilled for you guys! What an exciting new chapter you are about to embark on! And little Jonah, well I could just hug him to pieces! He's a doll! Happy Valentine's day!

  4. When do you go? Hope you had your best Valentine's Day yet! <3

  5. yay!!! you will be close to our home town!!!! so happy!!

  6. I LOVE JONAH!! Ok, now that we have that established... Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you, two, and I'm so proud of who you are and what an amazing example of love and dedication you are. Your sweet family is a testimony to so many people, and I'm excited for that testimony to spread to Massillon, OH!

    To answer some of the commenters' questions on my sister's behalf (if I may)....

    @Lora Yes, it is closer to our parents by almost 2 hrs (driving)

    @Amy They will be moving in June for Josh to start his residency on July 1, along with all the other brand-spankin-new doctors in the USA... so if you happen to be in the country, try not to get sick on that day. :)


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