Monday, October 17, 2011

New Tricks

I call these first two pictures his 'downward facing dog' pose. 

This little boy is on the move. 
He is loving the new world he is discovering now that he can pull himself up 
and crawl for real and real fast. 

I love how he gets excited every time he pulls himself up, it's like he is so proud of himself. 

Imagine if for your entire life (all 10 months of it) you only laid on your back or belly or sat on your toosh to play, and now all of a sudden you are realizing there is a whole new world (the bathroom, laundry room, windows, our closets, the kitchen, outlets, etc.). You would be pretty excited too when you pulled yourself on the coffee table or couch. 

I absolutely love that he is developing physically but it is seriously happening so fast. Everyday I am seeing him getting a little more coordinated and problem solving when he gets stuck somewhere. The best has been watching him learn how to get down when he is standing up. He starts slowly with a little squat with his hands still on the couch, and just before his bottom reaches the floor he plops himself down. This kid is amazing and I am one really proud momma. 

And with all of this new physical development, diaper changes are extremely challenging with a little boy who does not like to sit still unless you are reading to him. 

And we also have our fare share of bumps and bruises. But if he is anything like his boy cousins,
 I'm sure this is only the beginning. 


  1. I jumped over from another blog and must say that your little boy is absolutely gorgeous!! Seriously adorable!! :)

  2. Thanks Meg! We are quite fond of our sweet boy.


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