Monday, June 6, 2011

6 Months...2 weeks later

Sweet Jonah,
Thank you for not caring that your six month post is just now getting posted two weeks late. And thank you for not caring if I've taken a shower, done my hair, make-up, or even brushed my teeth. I will try to not be so crazy about getting all of the boogers out of your nose because I know you absolutely hate me coming near your nose.

You had a great six month appointment, your last one with Dr. Z, we will miss her. You weighed 16 pounds 15 ounces (41st percentile), 26.25" in length (45th percentile) and I can't remember your head circumference but you are still on the small side (9th percentile). Looking at you one wouldn't say you have a small head but I guess your head would look huge if you were in the 40-50th percentile. Your Kika came with us to your appointment (and even Uncle Michael got to be there for a little bit) and I so appreciate her helping you with your shots, which weren't great but not totally horrible.  Thanking and praising the Lord for another healthy report and praying we can find another great doctor in Massillon/Canton.

You have been rolling all over the place. You prefer to roll to the right so we're working on that. Diaper changes have become quite a challenge for me as a toy hardly keeps you distracted.

 Oh my goodness, I love those deltoids!

The week of our move (the week you had your six month shots) your night sleep started getting a little funky, and by funky I mean you were waking up every couple of hours. Between the shots, teething, moving, and late nights due to different graduation festivities, I can totally understand your sleep habits getting disrupted. You are starting to get back on track to sleeping through the night and your naps have been getting better too (praise the Lord!)

I love this picture of you with your Kika. This was the day of our move and it was hot! Your room wasn't set up yet but I know your Kika didn't mind one bit for you to take your nap on her shoulder.

I LOVE how your whole face lights up when you smile and your eyes 
turn into little half moons. So sweet!

 Your papa and I are always talking about what an A-MA-ZING sweet boy you are. We are so blessed and love love love you to pieces! And I'm trying to not take it personally that you have 
started saying "da-da-da-da-da" before "ma-ma-ma". =) I know you love your mama.

Eating solids has been going really well, especially now that we got out your highchair. It has really helped with you not sucking your thumb after every bite, but you still sneak it in there while you're eating. You just started eating green veggies again, I was getting a little worried you were getting a tan from all of the sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash you were eating. I'm hoping to start making some of your food now that we are a bit more settled from the move.

So much has happened already during your sixth month. Your papa (and your Aunt Britt) have graduated from medical school, you moved from your first home in Erie, PA to Canton, OH, and in a couple of days you get to be a part of your Uncle Marc's wedding. With all that has been going on you have been so flexible and so great about us adjusting your schedule and your routine. Thanks for always being so chill when your mama and papa (mostly mama) are a bit on edge.We love you so much sweet Jonahtello and continue to look forward to each new day with you!


  1. AWWW! If it's any consolation, Elliot is having a tough time with the nights also! SO good to see you! Will check in often and see how life is treating you and look forward to you visiting Texas!

  2. Must. look. away. Too. much. beauty.



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