Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Highlights

I've been meaning to post these pictures since we've returned from Dayton. But blogging just hasn't been the first thing on my list to do as of late. Better late than never. 

One of our family outings during the Thanksgiving weekend was a bowling event. We met a lot of my mother's cousins (second and third cousins for me...I think) at a bowling alley with all of our families. It was great to catch up and see family that I probably haven't seen since my wedding. 

Let me explain the bowling bag... 
Sarah Belcastro
Columbus, Ohio
My Me-ma (Sarah Belcastro) gave my brother Marc and our friend Michael two of her old bowling balls and bags. Both Marc and Michael went and had the balls custom drilled to fit their fingers. So now, whenever we go bowling (which isn't that often), Marcky can bring his own bowling ball. He did feel a little weird arriving with his own ball, but he did play an amazing game. 

I'm still not sure why he had to roll up his pants but everyone loved it. You go babe!
I had to get my action shot. Sorry to all of the other bowlers I was disrupting just so I could get my shot. 

Sarah Belcastro A.K.A Marc or A.K.A The Winner
David Webb (Jason Bourne's real name from the Bourne Identity) A.K.A. my Papa guessed main squeeze!

My big brother. He's just so cool. 

My bowling studs. You can just tell they had a great time bowling.  


  1. I'm so bummed we missed that! We need to make sure to do lots of fun things when we are all in town again for Christmas!

    Love that last picture... Josh, are you down on the ground because you are passing gas? Sure looks like it from your face...

  2. Do all towns have bowling alleys with this same decor???? The one here in Ruston was torn down a few years back-but I SWEAR you could switch your Alley with our Alley and never know the difference. What a fun family outing!

  3. That is so funny! Did you bowl or cheer on Mc Lovin?


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