Saturday, December 11, 2010

All is well

I have so much to say about how amazing our sweet Jonah is and how we are doing adjusting to life with a baby, but I'm finding my brain isn't working so well on the very little sleep I've been getting (though totally worth it). So I will leave you all with this sweet picture of Jonah and my mother (his Kika) after one of his sponge baths. We are doing well. I feel like I've recovered well from my c-section (I do get a little sore if I've been moving around too much) and breast feeding is getting much better. Each new day brings new challenges but I am embracing them and loving every minute I get to spend with Jonah. And I really love seeing Josh and Jonah together. My two boys together just melts my heart. 

Feeling incredibly blessed.


  1. He is so cute! I feel ya on the no-sleep, girl. Encouragement: You will adapt and less sleep will seem okay! In fact, with Elliot, I am handling sleep-deprivation much better than with Henry!


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