Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Sweet Jonah


  1. Beautiful is about all I can say!

  2. I am SO happy for that precious baby. We heard that you had him on a schedule already. After 5 weeks, Elliot is still calling the shots here in LA. Hope I can see your sweet baby while I am briefly in PA before Christmas.

  3. Ahhh! He is so sweet! His face shows so much of both of you already. I have been checking daily to see if there were more pictures up! Thanks for taking the time even though I know you are probably busy/REALLY tired.

    Also, random but how did you get your carseat cover in there so nice? I just got one and am having trouble getting the top in there flat. Any tips? Did you cut the elastic band? Just curious.

    Miss you! God bless!!!!

  4. Picture #1: "Does anybody need tickets to the gun show? Fuhget about it."

    Picture #2: "You don't like the matching polka dot hat keeping my dome piece warm? Okay, then here's my tiny, wrinkly middle finger."

    Picture #3: "Chipotle equals a sizzly-hot diaper. Tengo picante! Thanks for the cool hand, mommy."

    Picture #4: "I consider my smooshed face and my greasy, Maximus hairstyle to be among my goodest features. And I love my pretty mommy."

    Picture #5: "Daddy, can you take my hands out? I wanna ride all of the scooters on your tie! Cool hair, by the way."

    Picture #6: "Oh snap, adults. This sherpa-lined mobile seat offers sick acoustics for my beatboxing. And I really dig this beanie hat with a bear doing the splits on the front -- so thuggish. It's also rather nice for when I sing Ariel's song from "The Little Mermaid," which I'm doing currently. Awwwww . . . you know how it goes, ya'll."

    Picture #7: "I'm a frighteningly handsome glowworm. Furthermore, I seem to look fairly similar to Clark Kent (then Kal-El) when Jonathan and Martha opened up his spaceship after it crashed in some field in Smallville, if I don't say so myself."

    Picture #8: "What I lack in the neck area, I more than make up for in the hair area. As evidence, please consider the upper part of my arms. Yes, you can see the prevalence of hair on both. Also examine the manner in which my left eyebrow merges with the hair on my head. Jabooyah."

    Picture #9: "Oh my. I just hit critical mass down there, so be careful, daddy. I believe I can see my reflection, and my neck is still missing. Good thing my hairy tricep is all swoll up."

    Picture #10: "I know what you're thinking: that I'm red from fake tanning, an inappropriate activity for a youngling like myself. But ch-ch-check it: I haven't been exposed to any sunlight whatsoever for nine months straight, and Christmas-card pictures are on the horizon."

  5. The shot of Jonah and his bellissima mamma made me cry. Thanks for posting these!!! (Can't thank Marc enough for the captions.)

  6. Haha, I love Marc's comments. Jonah is precious!

  7. I am just blown away at the beauty of these pics. He is the CUTEST thing ever! You look beautiful Bethany and I am overjoyed for you guys!!!

  8. um two things. jonah is beautiful. and you look amazing in that hospital picture. love you all!


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