Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A few Halloween pics

Halloween....Jonah's last first holiday. And we celebrated by dressing him up as a cheeseburger!

Seriously, the cutest cheeseburger I've ever seen! 

"Can someone please get me out of this cheeseburger costume? 
My parents are embarrassing me."

Aren't both of my boys so handsome?

Josh and the interns organized a little Halloween party last Saturday. We went as cheeseburgalurs! The party kicked off right around Jonah's bedtime so he was a little sleepy but actually did amazing for us. So proud of that little cheeseburger. The party was fun, it was really nice to meet more people in Josh's program. But the party did not compare to the Girls' Group Halloween parties. It was kind of a sad day knowing that I wasn't able to be there this year. 

And we didn't go trick or treating this year. We thought it would be kind of weird if we went when Jonah is clearly not eating any sweets. Maybe next year. Hope everyone had a fun Hallowizzle!


  1. Please only photograph that child with an adult point of reference - otherwise he looks entirely too big already. Big indeed...but ever more bello with every shot.
    Thanks for sharing your Happy Hallowizzle with us all.

  2. Omg...where to begin? You are SO creative and original...I've never seen a hamburger baby but, it is undeniably super cute!! And hamburglers? Hilarious..I love it. I will have to call you next year to help me with ideas for our halloween costumes.

  3. He seriously could not be any cuter! Such a handsome dude!! ;)


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