Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jonah is 1!

Sorry this is a week late, we've been a little busy around here celebrating our one year old, traveling to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and decorating for Christmas. And sorry again for the incredibly long slideshow, I seriously deleted so many pictures to make it not so so long. Thanks to those who watched it. Jonah and I watched it again today. He actually cuddled up close with me and watched the whole thing. He does have a cold so he has been super snuggly. And also, these are probably the last of the monthly pictures. Don't worry, there will still be lots of pictures of Jonah. I just don't think we need to do it anymore and I kind of promised him during our last mini-photo shoot (below) that if he sat still and smiled for momma that I wouldn't make him do this again. 

Discovering Jonah:

  • weight: 20.6 lbs (20%)
  • height: 29.5" (40%)
  • head circumference: 18" (30%) 
  • favorite food: cheese (particularly pasta and peas with a little cheddar cheese)
  • you take two naps during the day and sleep about 12 hours at night (on a good night)
  • you are pretty chatty but "dada" is about the only thing we can make out right now, I'm still waiting for you to say "momma"
  • I don't think you have a favorite toy though you do love your stand up keyboard (which thankfully plays really nice classical music). You prefer to play with anything that hasn't been Jonah-proofed like book shelves, the printer, or our scale in the bathroom. You also love books. You love us reading to you and you have been enjoying looking at them too by yourself. You particularly love to be able to turn the pages yourself.  
  • you're not walking yet but you are cruising along the couch and I can see you get more confident every day. 
  • you have six teeth but only four that are visible right now. 
  • you have been getting upset if someone else is holding you and you can see me or your father. And we got paged for the first time to get you out of the church nursery at a church we were visiting for the first time two weeks ago. 
  • you understand when we say "No touch" and "sit down" and you listen about 60% of the time. I can see you learning and trying to process these instructions. Many times a stern no really hurts your feelings and I hate that but it is truly because I love you so much. I wish you understand why we tell you no (like don't like the trash can because it's dirty and has lots of germs), but your Kika reminded me there are going to be many more times when I will tell you no and you won't understand it, it will be because I said so. 
Jonah, this past year has been wonderful! You have taught your father and me so much and we continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with you. We will continue to pray for your heart to know the Lord and to desire Him above all else. 
We love you Jonah, we couldn't imagine our family without you.

And a recap from the past 12 months...pretty sure month 5 was your chubbiest and baldest. =)


  1. What a little champion: even at his chubbiest and baldest, he's still spellbindingly cute.

    As a brief aside, it seems to me that his head circumference should be in a different, higher percentile. Why, you might be asking, does it seem that way to me? Well, you may recall that I took a rough measurement of Jonah's baby dome with the circumference of my obscenely large mouth--which, judging by the photographic evidence, he appeared to enjoy--and his melon passed the test flawlessly.

  2. Amazing. Thanks for being such a lovely mom.

  3. awwww thanks for showing all the pics again I was curious to see them! What a big boy!!! Happy Birthday sweet Jonah! When are you coming to erie to see us again! We miss you!

  4. I LOVE his 1 year picture. So adorable with the matching shirt and background! You are very talented. I am so glad I did this idea too because it was so great to see them all together at the end. I just don't understand how you got your sweet boy to lay so well all those months. I gave up with him lying down after 6. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. His pictures turned out great....truly adorable!


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