Monday, February 23, 2009

19 Week Worry

I've started my 19th week of pregnancy this weekend. I can't believe how quickly each week is going by. At the beginning I felt like the weeks were going by slowly, but now I definitley feel like the weeks are flying by. I'm trying to really enjoy being pregnant, cherishing this time with Josh while the Lord is preparing us for being parents. But I would be lying if I didn't say I am super anxious for July to get here so we can meet our baby! The time will come, the time will come.

Today at work I was having a lot of discomfort in my lower abdomen. I've been having quite a bit of different little pains here and there and at my last doctor's appointment, the doctor said that's normal and not to worry. Today I was getting kind of worried and a woman in my office encouraged me to call the doctor. (Quick note: growing up with your father as a physician, I never called the doctor when I was sick. Not a good habit to get in to because when I'm not living with my father and I do need to call a doctor I usually don't or feel really weird when I do.) I did call my OB and they asked me to come on down to their office just to be safe. Right when I got there they used the doplar thingy to check the baby's heart beat and to ease my worries. Found the baby's heart beat right away and it was nice and strong.  PHEW! The PA took a few other tests and told me not to worry and that it's probably just all the stretching going on inside.

I knew a lot of the pains were related to all of the stretching but it was just good to hear that from the professionals, you know?

Thursday is the big day for us! If you haven't voted, you only have a couple more days to vote!


  1. Glad to hear everything is okay...and if it makes you feel any better I had TONS of "round ligament" pain as they call all that stretching. I literally felt like someone was ripping something in there. Now the rest of my pregnancies were not so normal, but I do think it is pretty normal to have those pains around 20 weeks or so. Can't wait to find out what your little one is!

  2. Better to KNOW than to sit and worry about the unknown! Baby is growing-that is a good thing!

  3. I can't wait till Thursday!!!

    I'm so glad that mom and baby are healthy! Praise the Lord!

  4. Gotta love round ligament pain! That little one is getting biGGER!!

  5. Im glad you went to the doctor and had them check! and Im glad that it was just stretching and nothing was wrong. Only 1 more day!!!!!!


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