Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slumber Party

Last Friday night I had the privilege of going to a slumber party at my friend Sarah's house. And can I first just say Sarah went all out for us girls. Super cute decorations, pizza, yummy desserts, and a couple amazing chic flicks! I had such a great time, I felt like I was back in junior high.
Sarah Allen brought her little girl Addy, who was pretty excited to be able to stay up past her bed time. Camille is holding little Addy here who was dancing and singing along to High School Musical. I think I enjoyed watching Addy more than the movie.

Addy even wore her cute jammies I got for her when she was born.
The night would have been incomplete without us girls doing a craft. Sarah had a bunch of beads so we all made frienship bracelets. Even though all our bracelets were different, we all have a blue and white bird on the bracelets. This is a pic of my bracelet. Even though I took the longest to put my bracelet together (perfectionist), it didn't turn out as amazing as I would have liked. But I still like wearing it and love that Sarah put so much thought and time into the slumber party for us girls. It definitely was a great night spent with the girls but I did end up leaving around 11:30pm. I probably could have fallen asleep there (especially considering my history as of late for staying awake on a Friday night has only been up till about 8:30pm). I really don't like not sleeping with my husband unless he and I are in different citites, and sleeping is getting a bit more difficult for me. 
To see even more pictures from the slumber party check out Camille and Brooke's blogs. 


  1. Wow! Sounded like it was a great night. Love the decorations...she did an amazing job with it. How fun that you have such a wonderful group of friends. Kind of makes me wish my husband was in med school so I could've come too. :)


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