Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I need to brag about my husband for a little bit because he has been amazing and I just love him to pieces! 
Valentine's day came a couple days early for me this year. Josh surprised me at work on Wednesday with a beautiful boquet of roses! He knows I'm not a huge fan of red roses but I do love pink and yellow roses. He picked out a great boquet! And my office smelled amazing while they were with me at work.
But when I read the note in the flowers I actually found out the flowers weren't really for me. Josh got them for the baby, to share with me. My heart just melted when I read "love Daddy". 
As my pregnancy is progressing, Josh and I are getting more and more excited about becoming parents. We've been praying a lot and asking to Lord to prepare our hearts for the gift and amazing blessing he is going to be giving us. Josh is going to be a great daddy!
Along with flowers, Josh usually plans a really nice Valentine's day dinner for the two of us. He made reservations for our dinner at the beginning of last week! But after talking about our plans, we decided to cancel the reservation and wake up early today for a Valentine's day breakfast. And I've been craving French toast like you wouldn't believe. We had a really nice breakfast this morning at a newer restaurant here in Erie called Lori's Wild Ridge Cafe. It was a nice breakfast, I got my French toast and I think we'll be taking his parents there next weekend when they come to visit. 
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Sounds like a fun morning...and how sweet are those flowers! You guys are going to be great parents. We can't wait to see this new chapter of your lives unfold and to meet little baby Glupker!

  2. i love you guys (all three of you)


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