Friday, April 24, 2009

28 Weeks

Well, this picture is coming to you at the end of my 28th week. I had Josh take this picture of me last Sunday and I had really good intentions of posting it early in the week. But I didn’t have the best week of being pregnant so I wasn’t up for blogging much. I am still loving being pregnant but this week was a little rough. Sleeping has been almost impossible with this crazy nerve pain I have been experiencing around my ribs and of course the pain is worse when I am lying down. My mother likes to remind me of the 48 hour labor I put her through, I wonder if this will be my thing I remind my son of when he is older. I have a bit to go left of my pregnancy, I’m sure I’ll continue to be experiencing a few more aches and pains, I just hope this is the worst of it. Oh, and I still have labor to look forward to! I do love being pregnant but this has been one crazy ride!

Yesterday was my gestational diabetes test. I haven’t heard back from the doctor yet so I am praying that means I passed. The “glucola”, (that’s what they call the sugary drink –do they think by adding ‘cola’ at the end of it makes it sound better?) well it wasn’t terrible to drink but I did feel a little sick after drinking it. Drinking the glucola ended up being the easy part of my doctor’s appointment. I will spare you all of the details and just tell you we were there for a couple of hours, I had to have blood drawn twice, was told I am Rh negative, and because of that I had to have a shot in my toosh. Early in my pregnancy I read a little bit about being Rh negative but I didn’t think that concerned me. Well it does and Josh had to keep assuring me that our baby was going to be okay. For those who aren’t familiar with what it means to be Rh negative this is from and they give a clear explanation of what it means to be Rh negative during your pregnancy:

Early in your pregnancy your blood will be tested to determine your blood type and your Rh status — that is, whether you have the Rh (Rhesus) factor, a protein that most people have on the surface of their red blood cells. If you do have the Rh factor, as most people do, your status is Rh-positive. (About 85 percent of Caucasians are Rh-positive, as are 90 to 95 percent of African Americans and 98 to 99 percent of Asian Americans.) If you don't have it, you're Rh-negative, and you'll need to take certain precautions during your pregnancy. If you're Rh-negative, there's a good chance that your blood is incompatible with your baby's blood, which is likely to be Rh-positive. You probably won't know this for sure until the baby is born, but in most cases you have to assume it, just to be safe. Being "Rh-incompatible" isn't likely to harm you or your baby during this pregnancy, if it's your first. But if your baby's blood leaks into yours (as it can at certain times during pregnancy and at birth), your immune system will start to produce antibodies against this Rh-positive blood. If that happens, you'll become "Rh-sensitized" — and the next time you're pregnant with an Rh-positive baby, those antibodies may attack your baby's blood. Fortunately, you can avoid becoming Rh-sensitized by getting an injection of a drug called Rh immune globulin whenever there's a chance that your blood has been exposed to your baby's blood.

All is well, I was just being a bit dramatic yesterday. Most likely all of my crazy hormones and if I had known I was going to get a shot, especially one in the location it was in and I could have prepared myself, I would have been okay. So thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now. I'll have Josh take another picture soon (not too much change from last week) and I'll post all of the things I love about being pregnant.

Have a great weekend everyone, the weather is supposed to be amazing here in Erie!!!!


  1. you look so cute!!! you also made my day by saying "toosh".

  2. You are a beautiful preggers!!! Here's to hoping the test is negative!!! love, camille and henry at 5 am feeding typing with one hand

  3. You look GREAT! I'm sorry to hear about your fiasco at the doctor's office. Praise the Lord for the technology that we have today so that a little bit of RhoGam (even though it's a shot...) helps keep your baby safe. I'm sure this is one of many pains you will endure in order to protect your child. You are already being a wonderful mother!

    Love you.


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