Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Studying with Josh

Hey folks, me here and just checking in while Josh is studying. It's been a pretty busy week and I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday. Praise the Lord my days at work have been going by much quicker, all thanks to the warmer weather up here in Erie. Which is another praise because I was getting pretty anxious for spring-like temperatures.

I'm enjoying a nice evening on our couch with my feet elevated above my heart (ankles are a bit swollen), attempting to finish some thank you cards while Josh is studying for boards. He is officially done with his second year of med-school!!! He took his last final today and in exactly one month he will be taking Step 1 of his boards. Even though he has completed all of his classes he is still going to be very busy preparing for the boards. I am so incredibly proud of how hard he has been working. He has dedicated so much time and energy into med-school, I pray the Lord continues to show his faithfulness to Josh. He is going to be a great doctor!

Josh just told me to post a picture with this blog. He said it's better to have a picture with a blog post. So here is kind of a random picture taken a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if I've already posted it so I apologize if you've already seen this.
Baby's first Chipotle
Whenever we're in Dayton we try to get pizza from our favorite pizza place, Donato's Pizza, or Chipotle (or sometimes both, just being honest). When I lived in Dayton and ate at Chipotle regularly, I would get a chicken fajita bowl. But since I rarely have Chipotle I splurged for their barbaquoa fajita burrito. Oh boy was it yummy and now I feel like driving to Cleveland for some Chipotle. Anybody with me?

Okay, back to the thank you cards.


  1. Great news...our new house is 2 miles down the road from the Chipotle in Cleveland! I can meet you there!!!

  2. You're too funny! Nothing like some yummy Chipotle! Katie had her baby on Sunday....go to my blog to read the update. Hope you are feeling good! Let me know when you are in town! Miss you...we need to chat soon.

  3. Tell Josh I said thanks for suggesting that you post a picture...I love to see your pretty faaaaaace!! Maybe some more belly, too?

    love you sis

    PS - Writing face like that reminded me of a quote: "And you sit there, with that 'Who me?' expreSSION on your FAAAACE!!!" Can you name the flick?

  4. Trapped in Paradise - Nicholas Cage. =)


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