Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nola!

Today my sweet Nola turns 3 years old and since she lives with her grandparents in Ohio, Josh and I aren't able to be there to celebrate her birthday. We got Nola when she was only three months old and she only weighed 3 pounds. She has currently doubled her weight since and has easily made her way into all of our hearts. You can't help but love her!


  1. BOOOOODYYYYYY ! ! !Fantastic pictures, sister. =)

    [Confession: I didn't know today was Nola's birthday. Please don't leak that to her.]

  2. I had no idea either, but I'll tell mom and dad to sing her a little "feliz cumpleaƱos" for me.

    Buff, that picture of you is a really nice shot. :)

    I like how Nola seems to have this look on her face that says, "Why are you taking a picture of me? I'd rather be on your lap."


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