Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Josh and I had a really nice Memorial Weekend together. Josh kind of took a break from studying this weekend so we could spend some time with each other. When he was studying, I was attempting to be  productive around our townhouse. I was able to get some much needed cleaning done, laundry, and I began a project I have been looking forward to and dreading at the same our basement. I've been looking forward to it because usually when I'm at work, all I've been able to think about is all the work I want to do around the house before the baby arrives. And dreading because who really wants to spend their weekend cleaning and re-organizing there basement on a holiday weekend. The basement isn't finished but at least I was able to make a small dent in my project.

Super excited for a four day week at work. With the weather getting warmer work I've been busier at work making my days and weeks go by pretty quickly. And this week, the girl who will be replacing me is starting and I will begin teaching her all that I know.

I still need to post pictures from my baby shower I had a couple weekends again in Michigan. Those to come later this week. And I think I have FINALLY made a decision about the baby bedding. Choosing baby beddding has been way more stressful, more about this later.

And because my adorable hubby loves for me to post a picture with my blog post here in the picture....

Last week our friend Brooke took pictures of Josh, me, and my belly. Josh hadn't shaved in almost a month and I told him he needed to shave for the pictures. Reluctantly, Josh headed up to the bathroom to shave. To my surprise, he came out with a handle bar mustache. With my huge sunglasses he looks just like my brother's Mii we created for him. Kind of scary huh?


  1. Oh man, those would've been classy pictures with the 'stache!

  2. so - where are the belly pics???!!?!

    we are so excited to come and see you guys! we are ready to be put to work!


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