Monday, May 4, 2009

A Worried Father/Grandfather

On Saturday morning I was trying to call my parents while Josh and I were driving down to Grove City to do a little shopping at the outlet mall. No particular reason I needed to call them, just wanting to say hello and see how they were doing. I am their daughter, do I need a reason to call them? Anyways, I tried to reach my parents at their house and on both of their cell phones but no answer. No worries, I figured I'd talk to them sometime later during the weekend. A couple minutes after I tried to reach them my mother sends me a text and asks if I am okay and says she can't talk she's at the grand opening of the new neonatal intensive care unit (where my father is the director). I completely forgot about the grand opening of the NICU, I have Josh text back (since I was driving - safety first) we are fine.

Yesterday, my sister calls to chat and during our convo she mentions I gave Papa a pretty big scare this weekend. What? Oh, with the phone call on Saturday. I guess my mother told Brittany that I called right before Papa was about to speak and when he saw my call he got a worried look on his face. Brittany also mentioned Papa has been a little on edge ever since my 23rd week.

I called my father today after work today to tell him not to worry about me. He told me he was on stage about to give his speech when he looked into his pocket and saw my missed call. He got my mother's attention, mouthed "Call Bethany" and that's when I received her text. Boy am I glad I called before his speech and not during. I told him he has to stop worrying about me because now I feel like I can't even call them without them worrying about me. He said he will try to not worry so much.

I'm sure when our son is born I will be worrying and fretting over ever little thing too. I guess I can't blame my papa for worrying.

Thanks for loving and caring for me so much Papa!


  1. All Daddy's LOVE their little girls-FOREVER!

  2. Haha - sorry I dished on Dad. What a great guy. Good thing Mom was there!

  3. Thinking of how much your Papa loves his family always brings me to tears. Praying for all of you over here.

    Amy & Stefano.


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