Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Horror Stories

If there is one thing I have learned during my pregnancy it's that every single woman's body is different and all of our pregnancy experiences are going to be different. And when it comes to pregnancy horror stories, I try my best not to listen to the women around me because I certainly do not want to hear them. This is my first baby and I don't want to go into labor thinking the worst. After we've all had our babies then we can talk. But for now I don't want to hear it!

I was standing in the check-out line at Wegman's the other day and the cashier lady saw I was pregnant and so did the girl behind me (who also happened to work at Wegman's). The girl behind me started talking about her first pregnancy and how she gained over 50 pounds and the cashier said she had twins and gained almost 100. At this point I'm just nodding my head and smiling at these girls but then the conversation took quite a different turn. The girl behind actually asked me if I wanted to know how long she had to push during labor. In the most polite way I could I told her I'd rather not know. Turns out her labor wasn't so bad except her boyfriend or doctor tricked her into thinking she was getting an epidural when she actually didn't. And the cashier lady followed her story by informing me she had her twins naturally also and pushed for a very long time. When she started going into more detail about her labor, I stated very clearly to both girls to stop talking. Not sure where this courage came from but I'm glad I said something. I told them this is my first baby and I don't want to hear about all of the bad things that could happen. Clearly they should have known to stop talking when my eyeballs about jumped out of their sockets in shear horror of their stories.

Can you tell I'm a little worried about actually having this baby? So women of Erie, if you see me coming, please keep your pregnancy horror stories to yourself. Like I said above, we can dish about it after I've had my baby.

One more story.....a guy at work looked at me today and said, "So, are you due any day now?" I kindly informed him I have about 10 more weeks until my due date. "Really?" He says. "Yep." I reply and walk back to my desk to give myself a quick pitty party.

Josh asked me to make sure I post a picture with my blog post but since I haven't taken a recent pregnancy picture yet (sorry Brittany), I figured I'd post a cute picture of Nola. But I came across this one first and Marcky you are the lucky winner! Josh I bet you love this picture since you and Marcky share something very special. Very special as in you would probably be okay without me as long as you had Marcky. That's okay, I've learned to accept it.


  1. Only 10 weeks left? Wow! I can't wait to meet your new little man. And the best part about labor is that you get to hold your beautiful bundle when it is all finished and you QUICKLY forget those moments that weren't exactly comfortable. You will be great.

  2. Great picture! It'll be over quickly and then you'll be too sleep deprived to remember it. :)

  3. To quote the wisdom of one Montel Jordan, "This is how we do it."


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