Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 31 & the Snoogle

Week 31

Can you believe I'm already in my 31st week of pregnancy? I know it's pretty crazy to think I only have 9 weeks left. This time has been flying by. I still have a long list of things I want to get done before our son arrives, so hopefully I'll use this time productively to get most of those things accomplished.

In other pregnancy news, I got myself a Snoogle. I was very reluctant to buy this pillow but my girlfriends up here had been encouraging me to make the investment since I still have a couple of months left of my pregnancy. They were probably just sick of hearing me complain about my nerve pain around my ribs. Anyways, the Snoogle is a pregnancy pillow designed to give extra support to your head, back, hips, and of course your baby bump, all in one pillow!

I am still having the nerve pain but I am sleeping much better. Before the snoogle I was using 3 pillows - a normal size, a king size, and a body pillow. They all had to be in a specific position in order for me to get comfortable to fall asleep and that was a task in itself. Josh would still say it is a process for me to get comfortable in bed but he has hated every single pillow that comes between us in bed. He should know that he could never be replaced by the Snoogle.  


  1. cuteness!!!!!!!! And Im so glad that you are sleeping a little better - totally worth the investment to get better rest while you can! Oh and your post about your dad being worried was so sweet! :)

  2. Hi Bethany- it's Camille's friend Marylou. I had the snoogle (except my husband called it the "snake") and LOVED it! It is so great...i promise you will sleep better :) And...(he would kill me for telling this) but sometimes when I got up to use the bathroom he would steal it and use it himself. :)

  3. Ha, Mary lou!!! I'm writing that on brian's facebook....jk. you look beautiful, bethany


    Thanks Buff!! You are my new desktop background!!!! You and your beautiful belly!!!!

    I love you, sister!

    Baby Glupker, I am praying for you and I love you and your wonderful parents so much! (Buff, can you pass the message along, please? Thanks!)


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