Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cottage Weekend

Last weekend Josh and I traveled to Michigan to visit his family. I am so glad that we made the 6 hour trip.  I was starting to think another summer was going to go by without us visiting his parents cottage.  I know that the schedule of a med-student doesn't always allow for trips such as this, but a summer without the cottage just doesn't quite seem like summer to me.

Now I know I've only been around the Glupker crew for a little over 5 years, but the first summer of Josh and I dating, I fell in love with the cottage. I'm sure his family is thinking, Bethany loves the cottage? She loves one small bathroom shared by all, no cable, internet, or cell phone service, spiders and other buggies, and swimming in Todd Lake where real fish live?

First, the bathroom thing is no big deal. Second, I love that I can get unplugged from my cell, the internet, and even TV and read. Third, the bug thing is kind of eek to me but I can put on a brave face and not let it get to me. And lastly, I don't have to swim in the Lake, though this summer I might have conquered those fears. I know I can sometimes be on the high maintenance side (you try having ridiculously curly hair that frizzes up when wet) but I always enjoy my time at the cottage. There are just so many memories for Josh and me, I just love the feeling I get every time we're there.

Here are some pictures from last weekend, all of them are of our nieces and nephews who we clearly ADORE! 

  I was loving Weston's denim diaper. Have you ever seen the commercials for these diapers? They are hilarious!

Weston is such a good little swimmer, he didn't want to get out of the water.

 I love this picture of the two of them. When we were leaving Addie said it was okay with her if Josh stayed and I left.
This was her first weekend wearing her new goggles and she didn't want to get out of the water. She barely came up to take a breath she was having so much fun swimming.
See...I got in the water! My life jacket kept riding up but as long as I kept my legs moving (to keep the fish away) I was fine.
 I don't think I've ever posted pictures of my niece Katelynn. She belongs to Josh's brother Aaron and his wife Lynn. She is almost one year old and she didn't really like her sunglasses.
She also got really hot and figured she's at the cottage so what the heck, who needs a shirt anyways?
 And now it's time for a my sweet Holden's picture montage.
He is so stinkin' photogenic I can hardly stand it.
 Umm yeah, he'll be four at the end of October.

 Thomas the Train swim trunks people. He loves loves Thomas.

It's just not fair to be this cute, he's such a little stud.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't getting what he wanted in this picture. I still love that sweet face.

As always the weekend went by too fast and it was hard for me to leave everyone. I'm just thankful we were able to have at least one weekend this summer at the cottage. Until next summer...


  1. How fun! Hope you have many more cottage weekends!

  2. I love that last picture...aaaand, props for getting into the water!


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