Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1 month...2 weeks later

Catch up on blogging? Or catch up on my sleep? Tough call right now. I know I can do both just trying to find that balance while taking care of my family. While I'm working on finding that balance I am loving being Jonah's mother. He is just the sweetest thing and Josh and I are falling in love with him more and more each day. I love that he is becoming more aware of us and is starting to respond to us talking to him. He even smiled at me today! A for real smile and not a gas smile. =) But as much as I love that he is developing more, I hate that he is getting bigger. I know he isn't going to college anytime soon but looking back at pictures from his first week of life I get sad. See how easily he fits on my lap in the picture below?

Both pictures Jonah at 1 week... pictures by my dear friend Brooke

But like I said above, with him getting a little older I am enjoying seeing his personality develop and some things are getting a little easier. Like breastfeeding is sooooooo much better now and he is starting to sleep a little longer during the night. But we're working on sleeping during the day. He LOVES to be held during his nap and I love holding him but I can't get anything done. And if he falls asleep while we're holding him once we lay him down he often wakes up within a couple of minutes. Any suggestions from you experienced moms out there?

Here is our sweet Jonah at one month (two weeks ago). Next month, well...in two weeks, yikes! I'll be better about posting his two month picture at two months.


  1. I will never tire of seeing pics of this sweet boy! He is just beautiful and I am so happy you are enjoying him so much! I'll get with you soon about hanging out again.

  2. He looks so much like you Bethany! And so much like his big brother!

    Love you and miss you!

  3. He IS beautiful. (I found your blog through Brooke & Freeland's - my family and I lived on WHRI.)

    Have you ever tried a wrap? (for the times that they really want to be held or are feeling fussy.) I just had my 3rd about the same day as you had Jonah. I couldn't get anything done w/out mine. I used them for all 3, multiple x per day. Check out www.wrapyourbaby.com

    You can look at

  4. He has the most beautiful eyes!!! As for the sleeping thing....when you figure it out, let me know! : )


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