Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 Months

It is hard to believe our sweet Jonah is already two months old! Where did these first two months go? I'm sure having him right before the holidays has made things seem like a blur. I am really clinging onto my first memories and first couple of weeks we spent with him. He is getting so big and I want to always remember when he was wearing a newborn size diaper and when all of the clothes I had for him were too big.

Remember last month...

My favorite two month old, such a big boy! I was so worried about him eating enough (he is a super fast eater) but he gained 3 pounds during our 4 week stay in Dayton with my parents.

He has his two month appointment on Tuesday so we will get his official stats then (weight, height, percentiles, first round of immunizations!), but I'm pretty sure he weighs 12 pounds. And he is so long! He is already wearing 3-6 month onesies and some clothes because he is so stinkin' long. 

We just started doing tummy time and he almost rolled over. Now, Josh will tell you that he did roll over but he wasn't completely flat on his back. But he definitely got pretty mad and I'm sure he's not that far from rolling completely over.

Jonah loves taking baths. I am so thankful he enjoys his bath time. It's such a special time together of singing songs and talking with each other. I'm praying 
he always enjoys taking a bath.

 He always has his brow furrowed.

And as far as sleep goes, he's doing really well (as I type this he is waking up from his nap much earlier than I was hoping). I wish he was a better napper but I really shouldn't complain because he sleeps really well at night. If his last feeding is at 11pm, 
he has been sleeping from 11:30-12ish to about 7-7:30ish. 
(Is this all going to change because I'm putting this on my blog?)

My dear sweet Jonah, 
I am so thankful the Lord has ordained your father and I to be your parents.  
You are a blessing, a true joy and we are loving getting to know you more
and more with each new day. We are already praying for the Lord to 
prepare your tender heart to love and serve Him. We so look forward to
sharing with you more about God's love and how much He 
cares for you. You are so special to us. We love you so much!


  1. He is so beautiful! We are so happy for you:)

  2. his big brown eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love him Bethany! Thanks for visiting! It was good watching you be a mommy! love you.

  3. He looks so much like Josh! I can't believe how big he's getting. Can't wait to see you all again sometime soon.

  4. I can't believe how much he's changed since the last time I saw him!
    That's it. Marc and I are getting in the car right now. See you in 5hrs :)

  5. What a handsome lad! He's a special little nugget.


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