Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jonah's First Christmas (the MI edition)

Quick post because I think my window for blogging today is closing as Jonah is wanting to wake up early from his nap....

I am so thankful Josh has been on an easier rotation this month (he's been rotating with my father :)). This allowed us to celebrate Christmas with both sides of our families. We first traveled to MI to celebrate with Josh's family and can I just say that Jonah is a great little traveler. He does so well in the car, we are so thankful because we have been traveling a lot.

Jonah got to meet both of his great grandmothers. I just love these pictures, so sweet!

Our nephew Holden was so excited for Jonah to open up his Christmas gifts. 

He got Jonah a Thomas the Train toy Alfie. Holden actually wanted to name Jonah Alfie, so now he says it can be his nickname. 

It's tradition for the boys to receive BB guns for their first Christmas. 

I don't know who was more excited, Josh or Jonah.

And every cowboy needs to have a horse. 

I don't think Jonah was as excited as he looks but don't you just love his expression? So cute!

Opening up presents makes me tired too Jonah. 

Holden, Josh's mother, and Jonah...cashed out from such a fun night. 

We enjoyed our time so much with Josh's family, and now that we have Jonah it was even harder to leave them. They took such great care of us and blessed us so much. Thanks again for a great Christmas! We miss you guys.

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  1. Jonah looks pretty happy on that horse!

    Super cute photos!!! Thanks for sharing... more, please!!!!


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