Friday, March 18, 2011

3 month pictures

Seeing as Jonah is going to be four months old next week, I saw it fitting to finally posting the three month pictures we had taken of him (truth...I have terrible mom brain right now and I forgot, like I keep forgetting to turn off the oven when I'm done cooking, whoops). So here are some of the pictures from Jonah's photo shoot.

I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite. 

I really wanted to get a full body picture but this was the best we got. 
He looks really concerned, he often keeps his brows furrowed like that. 
His Uncle Marcky says he is going to be a great thinker and philosopher like him. 

He looks so proud of himself!
"Check me out! Look at how well I can hold my head up!"

I LOVE this picture but not the biggest fan of the background. I call this pic his GQ pose.
"How can you resist all of this cuteness?"
My father says this is his football pose.

Another fave but not a fan of the background. It's a leather navy chair the 
photographer called the man chair.

This is one cute kid, I'm not really sure what he was doing in this picture, but I love it! After this pose, the photographer suggested we do another diaper shot with a cloud background with some angel wings as a prop. I looked at Josh and the look on his face was an immediate no. That's a little over the top for us. And I could tell Jonah had about enough of the pictures when he laid his head on my shoulder and started falling asleep.  He was such a trooper, we were so proud of how well he did.


  1. So cute!! Isn't it hard to choose which pictures to get when they are that sweet!

  2. Stud. Only about four months old, and he's already workin' the camera.

    Bo knows baseball.

    Jonah knows mad game.

    Jonah knows. And you know he knows.

    Like whoa.

    Now that he's almost four months old, has his back hair started to form an "X" yet?

  3. Those are really cute, girlfriend. I love the furrowed brow.


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