Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Trip to Massillon

Thank you to all who were praying for Jonah and his little cold. As far as first colds go it really wasn't bad at all. He still has the sniffles and a little cough but only in the morning. We've been running the humidifier and making sure his bath time is extra steamy. He actually took a shower with Josh yesterday (don't worry, we were careful) and loved it. For some reason Josh wouldn't let me take a picture to document the moment. Weird huh?

Okay, so we went to Massillon last Saturday to see where we will be living for the next five years! My parents drove from Dayton (only 3 hours) to hang out with us Jonah. My father actually has a contact who lives in the Massillon/Canton area and we met up with her for lunch. She's this cute little Italian lady who kept talking about when we move we will be coming over for many Sunday dinners. She also brought us a map of the area and told us nice places to live, not to live, and places where property taxes are super high. I am so thankful we met up with her and thankful to already know someone there. 

To be honest, my first impression of Massillon was not the best. The part of Massillon where we got off of the highway was pretty old. I think we were in their downtown and it was small, Massillon is a smaller town than Erie. But once we drove around and we were able to see different parts of town, neighborhoods, a couple a nice parks, I actually started getting excited about moving there. It will definitely be an adjustment (like any move would be), but the town has everything we need and I know the Lord will continue to take care of us and watch over us.

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5


  1. my extended family is from massillon, and yes, first impressions are questionable. but you'll find that massillon is actually a family friendly, little place. and canton's just close by. if you love football, you're definitely going to the right place; if not, well, you might learn to love it. good luck with your move.

  2. Well...just think, lots of people call it "Dreerie Erie" and we LOVED that town. Hopefully Massillon will feel like home in no time! Good luck!

  3. I'm excited for y'all- it will be an amazing adventure!

  4. After considering my personal experience with Jonah as well as a variety of (delightful) pictures of him, especially the fourth picture above on the right, I get the distinct feeling that Jonah would utterly destroy anyone in a staring contest. As evidence for my claim, I direct the reader once again to the aforementioned picture. Observe his impressive, metallic resolve, characterized particularly by his unyielding and unswerving gaze, and a countenance so frighteningly relaxed that a Nile-style river of drool flows forth without creating the slightest distraction. He cares about absolutely nothing besides knocking you flat on your back with that stare.

    Jonah: 1 billion

    Any unfortunate soul who foolishly dares to look back: 0

    You can run and tell that . . .

  5. I can't help but agree with you Marc. In fact, I can only compare your face during a staring contest with Jonah with that of Gilbert Gottfried staring at an eclipse. I can only recall the first and last images of those contests with Jonah (the middle of which are a total blur) and if you were to switch the third and last pictures of this post, it is the general process you would witness, or at least be able to recall.

  6. Hey girl! We will stop and visit you! Our parents are so close to you!!! So excited for you guys!!

  7. Love the photos! And LOVE that there is a brava Italiana already promising Sunday lunches. Praying that you float through this move aware of being held firm in His good hand.

    Marc...I miss your face.

  8. Josh:

    The image of Gilbert Gottfried staring at an eclipse--a solar eclipse, I assume--is a powerful one indeed. Good comparison. Perhaps you had in mind something like this? By the way, returning to the four pictures of Jonah above, I've seen you make each and every one of those faces.

    Face #1: When Bethany was walking down the aisle at your wedding.
    Face #2: When you first saw how devastatingly handsome Bethany's brother is.
    Face #3: When dad asked about Dick Clark on New Year's Eve.
    Face #4: When the employee at Chipotle asks to take your order.


    I miss you as well. And, if you don't mind, you can tell Stefano that I miss him--that pleasant chap--too. I'm currently building a teleportation device so we can all visit one another at ease. I only need a few more parts...

  9. Marc...I JUST saw this post. I just know that a smile will pop onto Stefano's face the minute I mention your name.
    Now please get back to work on your little gadget...and be sure to make room for Jonah.


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