Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Months

"Uh oh! Hello! That's five months!" (a favorite quote of Frank Eggelhoffer from Father of the Bride)

Dear sweet Jonah,
First off, I'm really sorry I wasn't on the ball for your first two monthly pictures. I guess that just shows it took me about three months before I could really get a grip on reality after having a baby. I'm sure you could care less about that but, being a bit of a perfectionist, it is driving me crazy and there really isn't anything I can do about it.

Jonah, we are loving every minute we get to spend with you. This stage is so much fun and each day we continue to learn so much about each other. We love seeing your sweet little personality come out. Around us you are quite the charmer but when we are with our friends you are Mr. Shy Guy.

This month has been a month of firsts. We started giving you solids. I guess third times a charm because the first two times we attempted to give you rice cereal it didn't really go so well. And it also took your Aunt Beth to prepare the cereal and feed you, you ate so well for her. So far we've tried green beans and peas. The new tastes don't really seem to phase you. You are usually more interested in your bib and I have to fight you to keep your hands out of your mouth. (more pictures of eating to come)

You also rolled over from your back to your belly about a week ago. But you've only done it about three or four times. Belly time still isn't your fave but we're working on it.

We went to the zoo with your Ruiter cousins when they were here visiting over their spring break. You slept for most of it, but that's ok because there wasn't much to see this early in the season.

And you went swimming for the first time. On one of our trips to Massillon, Grandma and Grandpa came and we stayed over night and the hotel had a pool. You acted a little nervous at first but I think you enjoyed it. Your swim trunks were a little big, they're size 6-12 months (a gift originally for Leyton from our friend Lauren, I was so excited we got to finally use them).

Your mommy and papa love you so much Jonah and continue to thank the Lord for blessing us with such an amazing little boy. I am excited to see what this next month holds for us and the new things we will discover. 

*Next time I complain or say anything about Jonah only taking little cat-naps during the day can you please slap me up-side my head? I feel like I have been going crazy thinking his sleeping and over analyzing it to death that I haven't been fully thankful about him sleeping through the night. Jonah sleeping through the night just happened so early that I don't think I got to fully appreciate it. I mean I certainly appreciate it but not to the extent that most mothers do...until last night. It was like he was a newborn again. We had a pretty crazy Easter weekend with lots of parties, late nights, and a short visit from family so maybe that is the reason he was up so much last night, or maybe he isn't feeling well, or teething, or maybe it's nothing. Either way, I am praying for a better night tonight. 

Thanks for reading. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Those pictures to come soon too.


  1. LOVED seeing you & your sweet Jonah! Thank you for the book. I look forward to the wisdom I will gain as I read it! See you in a month!

  2. Sweet little Jonah. His face cracks me up in the swimming pictures!


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