Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

I know Easter was a week ago, but the we celebrate Christ and His resurrection every day! 
Here are a few pictures from Jonah's first Easter.

Sorry for the smooshed face Jobu

Those cheeks! Those eyes! Those lips! Love them!

Easter baskets from my parents, me, and books from his Ruiter cousins. 
The candy in his basket on the right was for Josh of course and I think I ate most of it. 

Naps after church.

An Easter bunny from Me-ma and Papa-Tony (his great-grandparents).

Later that day we shared a wonderful meal with our Erie family. The food was amazing and of course what's a party at Sarah and Drew's without a game? Josh played chubby bunny with peeps. 
For more pictures of the party hop on over to Brooke's blog.

On the way to church my mother was sharing with Jonah what Easter is all about- Christ taking on the sins of the world by dying for us and raising from the dead so when He looks at us now He does not see our sin but His righteousness. Oh how I love that! I look forward to sharing more with Jonah as he gets older and hopefully start our own Easter traditions. I remember having Resurrection eggs when we were little and would love to do this every Easter with Jonah.

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  1. I loved Easter 2011. Also, can I just say that you look so slender & pretty?


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