Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching up...

So much has been going on with us and of course I am way behind in blogging. First, I had an amazing Mother's day. Jonah was so excited to start celebrating he woke up before 6am. I was getting a little upset when Josh wasn't getting up to get him (not that I feel entitled but it was Mother's day and I thought it sure would be nice for Josh to get Jonah so I could rest a bit), but when I went in to get him I found my Mother's day gift in his crib. Josh conspired with my mom to find me a ring with Jonah's birthstone (citrine), let me just say I was completely shocked. Josh and I have a knack for not being able to surprise each other and I was completely surprised, I had no idea. The rest of the day was great, Josh made me pancakes, we went to church, Chipotle, and Jonah took the most amazing 3 hour nap for me! It was a great day full of wonderful blessings by my favorite boys.

Josh's mom was here last Thursday to Saturday to help us start packing. She will tell you that she didn't do anything while she was here but let me tell you, she kicked my butt into gear! We got so much packed! We've pretty much packed up our entire basement, half of our kitchen, books, and lots of decorations like picture frames. It feels so good to have a lot of this done. I feel a lot more motivated to continue packing.

Jumping back a couple of weekends...our Girls Group here had our third annual GG slumber party! It was such a blast and I would like to say I was the only girl to sleep over! I'm one wild mama! I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy making friendship bracelets, eating amazing food, listening to our mix tape (vol. 2), and playing Just Dance2 on the Wii. But click here to check out Brooke's awesome photos and here to see the decorations by the host our very talented friend Sarah. You definitely want to check out these pictures, see awesome photo below. Yeah that's right, the Biebster made an appearance at the party, awesome!

The next day we had a surprise party for Sarah and her husband Drew. They are on the road to adoption and we wanted to celebrate and honor them before graduation. Please click here to check out Brooke's pics. Brooke did an AMAZING job setting up and decorating for the party. My friends seriously need to start a business, they are so creative and talented.

 It was a little windy and super sunny at the party. Thanks again Brooke for letting us borrow your Bjorn and cowboy hat.

Did I mention my brother is getting married? In exactly one month! I'm really excited for big brother and his fiance Shelly. Here are two of the pictures that will be used on the tables at the reception with the table numbers on them.

Lastly, did I mention we found a place to live when we move to Massillon? We found a really nice condo to rent in Canton. I'm not super jazzed about continuing to rent but I know we most likely will not be staying in Massillon long term and who knows what the housing market will look like in five years. I'm just so thankful we have a place to live next year. We have seen the Lord bless us and take care of us over and over again. We will continue to look to Him as we begin a new chapter in our lives.

I think I'm all caught up. I'll try to post again soon and not wait until Jonah's 6 month post (on May 22). And praise the Lord for the amazing weather Erie is having! I think Jonah and I will be going for another walk today!


  1. Congratulations on the move!!! I am so excited for all of y'all! We have been renting and I can't tell you how much of a relief I already feel that we don't have to put a house on the market at Christmas like some of our other friends are planning on doing. Enjoy the rest of your time in Erie!!

  2. One month from today we'll be sisters! Crazy. Also, as the soon-to-be bride I do demand that I get to hold Jonah at least one time no matter what other family member is around on my wedding weekend. And yes, I am very serious.

    Sorry I didn't make it out for packing. However, I should be there to unpack you so get ready. I don't mess around ;)

    See you very soon!


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