Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Tribute: by Jonah (and Papa)

This is a tribute to my Mommy on her first Mother's Day.  I hope I made it a special day for you, because you make every day a blessing.  
Here are just a few reasons why my Mommy is so special:

1. She gets dressed up every day, even from the first day we met:

2. She is always willing to snuggle me and keep my buns warm:

3. She always gets me drunk on love:

4. She is always perfectly honest...especially in this case:

 5. She always teaches me and has me deep in thought:

6. She always takes flattering pictures of me:
     ...well at least most the time.

7. She lets me watch TV, especially when she isn't paying attention to what I'm doing:

8. She is always willing to give me a kiss, even when I don't ask for one:

9. She always watches over me:

10. She puts up with this guy (this might be the most difficult task):

11. She teaches me the ways of the most holy blogging:

12. She lets me eat anything I want, edible or inedible:

13. She brings me to cool parties with my friends:

 14. She let me have a GUN!!! (Probably the coolest thing about her):

15. She always keeps me squeaky clean:

16. She keeps me up in to date in the fashion world:

17. She taught me how to sing every Justin Bieber song:

    From this day that we met, I knew we would have the most special connection anyone can have.  You have treated me and Papa with nothing but love, and for that, there are not enough words we can say (even if I COULD talk).  I hope you truly realize how grateful we both are to have you in our lives and pray that we can give you back even an ounce of blessings you pour on us.  We know God will bless you in the future! 
                                                   We love you soooo much,
                                                                     Jonah & Papa


  1. What an amazing mother's day! THANK YOU boys for making it so special for me. I am so so blessed every day by you. And for the record, I don't even know all of the Biebs songs, okay? Thanks again babe!

  2. AWESOME! This is the best post on your blog ever. Way to go Jonah! (And Josh.)

    By the way, Bethany, your skin looks amazing in all the photos. Just sayin. One pretty mama!!

    Love you, Glupkers!!!


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