Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving is hard

Josh, Jonah, and I are on our way to our new condo to have the gas turned on (which explains the lack of hot water last time we were there), finish cleaning, and move some of our kitchen things. As stressful as moving is, I'm thankful we aren't moving that far away that we are able to have these little day trips to get some things moved and to clean. But I am feeling really overwhelmed with everything that needs to be accomplished before next weekend. I just want to hang out with all of my friends here until the very last second and worry about moving later. The emotions of moving and leaving our friends is starting to hit hard. I remember when we first moved to Erie and my thoughts were "How long do we have to be here?" I definitely feel the opposite now. I'm excited about our next chapter and I love seeing how the Lord has abundantly provided for us during our time in Erie, but at the same time this is just really hard.


  1. Moving away is hard. Amazing how it becomes "home" when you never intended to stay. Praying for a smooth transition and that you will quickly be wrapped up in a new community of friends. Hang in there!

  2. On a positive note---I am excited to meet your families! See you next week!


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