Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marc & Shelly's Wedding

Oh my goodness my big brother is married! I am so excited for my brother and Shelly and their wedding was so much fun! I loved our wedding (and your's too Brittany but I think I had more fun at their wedding. It was definitely different than a traditional Belcastro affair but it was so Marc and Shelly and I think that is what made it so special. And even with their outdoor ceremony getting rained out, everything turned out great. Shelly you handled that beautifully. I might have been a bit upset about that but you were totally calm, you just wanted to marry Marc, you didn't care if it was inside or out, I thought that was pretty great.

Click here for their wedding highlights video. I cry everytime I watch it, so don't say I didn't warn you.

The rehearsal dinner...

the centerpieces my mother put together. don't you just love the large hosta leaf? great job mommy.

Jonah sporting his "I heart Aunt Shelly" bib

the groom and the bride

my brother's best friend Xan and his fiance Serena drove all the way from Wisconsin 

Jason (Brittany's husband), Marc, & Xan

aren't they so cute?!!!

The wedding...

Shelly is incredibly creative. She made all of the centerpieces, the flowers were made out of paper. And the bin behind the flowers was full of games and books for Jonah. Everything was so thoughtful. And they didn't have cake they had doughnuts and I'm so mad I forgot to take a picture of the doughnut they cut together, it was pretty cute. 

Jonah in his studly vest Shelly's mother made. 
He did such a great job for being up so late and for getting passed around a lot. 
Thank you again to all who helped take care of him during the reception, that really helped so 
Josh and I were able to really enjoy ourselves. 

Mr. & Mrs. Belcastro!

My goal is usually to get Josh on the dance floor with me and of course when I'm not out there, 
I turn around and this is what I find. 

sisters! and I love love love Shelly's dress!

They had a photobooth and it was so much fun! they used all of the pictures as their guest book. 
I'm not quite sure what I'm doing in the third picture but the last on is our favorite. 

family photo



Marcky - Josh, Jonah, and I love you sooo much and are so excited for and Shelly. You have always been an incredible big brother to Brittany and I and I know you are going to be one amazing husband to Shelly. Congratulations again!!!!!


  1. "evviva gli sposi!!!" (long live the bride and groom)
    "sposa bagnata - sposa fortunata" (wet bride = lucky bride)

    Again...congrats all around. Looks like a beautiful time.

  2. That was *definitely* the most fun wedding I have been part of. Yes, I enjoyed your wedding and mine, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed Marcky and Shelly's! As I remember it, I don't even remember that it got rained out and that having inside was plan B... in my mind, everything was as it was supposed to be! And the donuts... divine! Those were so good, and better than any wedding cake I've had. I L.O.V.E. donuts. Thanks for sharing photos, Bethany.

    Here's a link to Shelly's wedding photos. They are awesome:

    http://nikkijames.photoshelter.com/gallery-list (There are three albums - "Shelly & Marc Family", "Ceremony & Reception," and "Shelly & Marc")


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