Monday, August 1, 2011

8 Months

I tried to get this post out before August since your background was chosen to reflect Independence day and that was in July but alas it is August 1st....and you don't really care. 

~ This picture was chosen in honor of his father and his Uncle Marcky ~

Oh my oh my, my precious boy you are 8 months old. I am still trying to figure out how that can be possible. It seriously feels like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. And now you are hitting your milestones left and right. 

You are sitting up really well now. You still have a full tumbles so we make sure we arm your play area with pillows or your bobby but even in the past few days I have seen your confidence grow and you're learning to right yourself if you begin to topple a bit. 

Just this past weekend you have started to army crawl. I knew you had it in you, you just needed the right motivation to propel you forward. And the tv controller is just that. I feel bad for teasing you with the controller so this morning I stuck almost every single toy in front of you and you wouldn't budge. So I grabbed the remote and off you went. Not quite sure how I feel about you lunging for the remote this early. 

Your diet has been expanding and you continue to be a great eater for us. You love bananas and you could probably eat puffs or cheerios all day long. I think you just love being able to feed yourself. We're already seeing your autonomy as you were grabbing the spoon this morning and attempted to feed your self. Even though by the end of breakfast we were both a mess I love seeing you develop new skills, it makes me so proud of my boy. 

Along with all of your new developments this has also been a challenging month for us. Ever since we came back from my trip with my girlfriends and you stayed with your Kika and Papa-doc, you have yet to sleep through the night. I know this isn't incredibly out of the ordinary for babies but ever since you were about 10 weeks old you were making it through the night like a champ. So this is just a little foreign to me. You would often wake up during the night but you always knew to go back to sleep. When you wake up now you start crying and can't seem to get yourself back to sleep. I know there can be lots of reasons for this like you recently had a little bug last week and weren't feeling well, it could be teething, you could be going through a little growth spurt, but my main worry is that you actually aren't getting enough milk from me during the day. I've never had a milk supply issue but lately you haven't been nursing well. I really hoping you aren't done breastfeeding because I certainly am not ready for you to be done. We're praying this is just a phase and that we can figure out why you aren't able to get back to sleep. 

check out those two teeth on the bottom! Very cute and very sharp. =)

Thank you little buddy for being such a joy to me each day as we are still getting settled in to our new home and new town. You make each day so much fun. Yes, we do need more friends but I kind of love it right now just being you and me, you have been excellent company to me. I am cherishing these days we get to spend with one another. Love you Jobu!


  1. I keep waiting for the "cute" to wear off...but it is tenacious! Congrats on #8! Praying he's (well, all of you, really) sleeping as I type. ♥

  2. Thank you for choosing the first picture in honor of Josh and me. It's perfect!

    I told Papa Doc that Jonah's doing his Heisman pose.

  3. Bethany - I was just reading this post and loving the pictures coupled with the fact that you write with such honest transparency. Thank you for sharing this, and for blessing me today in my corner of the world. :-) Jonah is so beautiful, and I am absolutely thrilled for you and Josh as you begin this new chapter of your life in Canton. Love you! Sarah :-)


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