Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY projects

I love love love having a garage. It is such a great space for painting furniture. I'm sure this winter I will love it even more for its intended purpose but right now I'm loving it as my prime painting space (get it? prime? bad painters humor, I am my father's daughter). 

Here are the before pictures of our bedroom furniture (Josh's furniture he had when he was younger).

And here are the after pictures...

The color is Martha Stewart's Bedford gray, it might be my new favorite color. 

I need to put something on top of this wardrobe, any suggestions?

One of our other DIY projects this summer was to make a chalkboard. It took us a while to get it all together but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The whole idea was to make a large chalkboard for very little but we had a hard time finding a frame. We almost gave up our search and almost purchased one but one day at a flea market we found a $2 frame that was exactly what we were looking for.

Hey Amy, see that green bottle on the bottom right? That's my Ace juice bottle I have saved since '03 trip to Italy to visit you. Wish we could have some Ace juice together in your lovely hammocks. =)

This was the sign Jonah and I came home to when we returned from my reunion trip with my girlfriends.

Basically, we got a $6 board cut to fit the frame, some chalkboard paint $13, and I had left over paint from painting our bedroom furniture. Easy-peasy! 

I also painted this make-shift cabinet I made after we lost Leyton. 
Sorry no before pics, it was painted black.

Color: Whetstone Gray by Martha Stewart

A little leftover chalkboard and a small stool I picked up for $5 that I also painted (basket from World Market). The art is from one of my nieces when they were driving through Canton on their way up to Michigan, and I can't seem to erase it. I love have little reminders that they were here.

Lastly, I painted this mirror and bookshelf that sit in our bedroom. Sorry no before pics but they were both dark brown. Color is also Whetstone Gray by MS. And I have two gray candles to go with those candle sticks that are supe cute but I can't seem to find them. They're most likely in one of my unpacked boxes. Can you tell I'm loving the color gray right now? 

I have a few more things I'd like to paint like an end table in our family room but that is going to require sanding. We also need to find a tv console table and if I find something that is gently used I can paint both tables at the same time. And I have a few more projects underway that I'll post those 
pictures once they are completed. 

And a big thanks to my friends Sarah and Brooke for inspiring me to spruce up my things! I'll be coming up to Erie to visit soon to get some more inspiration. Love you girls!


  1. Papa Doc would be proud of your pun.

    You may have inspired me to paint Marc's furniture after all...we'll see.

  2. Amazing! Great job Buff! And...I'm thrilled that Italy has a place in your home! Know that I've got all ACE you could guzzle ready and waiting - in case of any spur of the moment hammock vists. ♥♥♥

  3. And...for the top of the wardrobe, how about something like these, spelling "love" or "home", etc... plus some cool candles or lanterns (no need to order the letters - you can easily find them at flea markets and paint them in your lovely garage!)

  4. P.S. (and promise I'll stop here) LOVE the silver lamp on the nightstand!!!

  5. WOW-eeee! Everything looks amazing!!! You're a painting fool - I'm so proud:) Nice work! LOVE the grays!

  6. I love that bedford grey. I can't wait to paint. Looks nice. Miss you guys. Hope I don't miss ya when you come to erie.

  7. Looks

    Strong work, Belcastro!

  8. Bethany, wow!! I can't believe all the painting you've been doing!! Question, what are you painting with? A sprayer? Or are you using a roller or what?? I'm totally in love with the gray too and I've used bedford gray on my desk and on a chalkboard as well :) It all looks so good--doing such a great job at making your home homey

  9. Wow! Thanks for giving us a peek at your new place. And what a great update to that pine furniture. It looks reallly good and I bet you are so proud. I think my absolute fave though is the drawing from your nieces and the stool which I am jealous of and now want my own rustic stool. ;-)


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