Saturday, October 18, 2008

Asbury Woods

Today I went on a hike with my friend Camille through a few different trails in Asbury Woods. Apparently, Asbury Woods is like 5 minutes from my house. How did I not know this? Weather permitting, this is exactly how I'd like to spend my Saturday mornings. Even though it was a bit chilly out, it felt so refreshing to be outside. And, Asbury Woods was B-E-A-UUUTIFUL! Oh my goodness the trees were amazing. It's funny because I've grown up and lived in the midwest (is Erie considered midwest???) my whole life and have never missed seeing the leaves change during Autumn. Why is it this year my eyes are opened to the beauty of God's creation in the changing of the leaves? Whatever that reason might be, all I've got to say is, Very nice work this year Jesus on the trees. Really, you might have outdone yourself this year. Anyways...Camille and I used to work out a couple times a week together, but as of late we haven't  been so good about that. But no worries. Today we probably walked between 4-5 miles, so we were able to make up for some lost time. 

Like I said, our hike was beautiful....
Camille brought her dog Powers along for the hike. 
Powers checked out quite a few trees along the trail. 
Look at all of the leaves that have fallen!
We were only lost for a little bit towards the end of our hike. But thanks to Camille's excellent sense of direction, she got us back to her car. 

Thanks again Camille for the great hike and opening up my eyes to Asbury woods! What are your thoughts on going next weekend????


  1. hey! it's lisa farris:) just wanted to say i'm an avid blog reader! it looks like you guys are doing awesome. glad all is well!

  2. PICTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL! Our trees are still green-just a little bit of turning. WOW-how beautiful it is in Erie! Thanks for posting pics!

  3. Great photos Bethany! I need to learn a few camera/editing tricks from you to get some great shots, too. Jason and I also got the chance to enjoy God's wonderful creation this weekend at Hocking Hills state park... we did the real camping thing for a couple of days! I'll make a Picasa web album to show you stuff. It was just too bad that my camera died about mid-day on Saturday. :( That's ok. I kind of got a "no more 3x5s" view after that.

    Thanks for posting the photos! Talk to you soon.

  4. awww bethany, i love your photos and i really love your blog!!!
    glad you're doing well... hopefully we will catch up soon without me having to stalk to via your blog ;)

    love you

  5. SO FUN!! love the pictures!!!! I will have to go check out Asbury Woods now - it looks amazing!


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