Friday, October 31, 2008


In honor of it being Halloween today, please enjoy the new preview of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! Pictures to come later this weekend from the costume party we will be attending tonight.


  1. So exciting! I just finished the 4th book! Freeland & I are going to have a HP movie marathon soon b/c Im dying to see them again now that I have read it (to see what they changed) yall should come!

    See you tonight!!

  2. I cannot WAIT til you get to book 6. Watching that preview makes me LITERALLY cry. SO GOOD!!!!

  3. buff,
    you're killing me here! i am dying to see pictures from the party!! the picture message on my phone was just a teaser... i wanna see the real deal!!!


    ps - jason and i watched an episode of dog last night on you tube. hahaha.


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