Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update from last weekend...

I am a bit behind on my blogging but no worries. With my busy week, I completely forgot to post pictures from last weekend when my parents were in town. Now that Josh and I live far away from our families, we really try to cherish the time we are able to spend with them. And last weekend we were blessed with a lot of quality time with them.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Wegman's for lunch. Josh was a little hesitant at first to have lunch at our local grocery store, but since it was my birthday, he didn't try to talk my out of it. I told him to trust me and let me just say he was pleasantly surprised. Wegman's Cafe had quite a large selection of food for us to choose from. My mother and I enjoyed food from their wokery (Asian food), Josh of course had pizza (which was muy delicioso), and leave it to my father to put together the most well balanced healthy meal.
After our lunch we grabbed some coffee and tea from Wegman's coffee bar, and then my parents treated Josh and I to some groceries. Thank you Mommy and Papa!

After our Wegman's trip, Josh and my father enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of watching college football while my mother and I went to Mason Farms for pumpkins and mums. When we arrived at Mason Farms, we discovered they were having their harvest fest called Pumpkin Town! Pumpkin town is definitely geared towards little kids, but we really enjoyed ourselves. After picking out our pumpkins and mums we checked out their little fest and it was so cute. They had a little area to feed goats and sheep, you could get your face painted, a mini corn maze, and a Harry Potter scare house. My mom really wanted me to go through the Harry Potter scare house but as we were walking past it, we over heard a little boy say he was really scared. I told my mom I'll wait and go through it with Josh. Here are a few pictures from Mason Farms.
This is Harry Potter...his head is pumpkin that someone airbrushed a face on. They had a lot of other pumpkin characters around Mason Farms...Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, Veggie Tales, Shrek, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
We just couldn't resist.
My beautiful mother. 
Our bounty....
We split these peppers. Super yummy!!! 
Concord grapes, a fall favorite. Okay, did anyone ever call these snot grapes when you were growing up? Because I did. I know it sounds totally disgusting but the texture is kind of like snot. But they are so so so good! They weren't around for too long.  
After our trip to Mason Farms we headed out for dinner at a new restaurant in Fairview called Peppinos. This restaurant was a huge hit with my family! The food was amazing, very authentic and very very fresh. It's definitely a restaurant to go to when the parents are in town since it is a bit pricey. Josh ordererd linguine with clams and here is a pic of his clam shells. 

We waited to have dessert at home since Gammie sent me a fresh pineapple upside down cake (one of my favorite cakes) with my parents.

 Of course I had to sneak a little bit from the corner right when my parents arrived. It was so so so good. My lonely candle on top of the cake sings "happy birthday" to you when you twist it. An embarrassing Belcastro tradition, but my mother insists. And secretly, I am happy she does. 
A great great weekend with my family. I'll try to post pictures of my birthday party and weekend with Josh as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!


  1. What is that in the left back of your car? White with orange stripe? Surely not a pumpkin? We Moms & Dads love spoiling our sweet daughters!


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