Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Retirement

If there was any game this season to have worn shin guards, this would have been the one. 

Josh and I had our last soccer game this Monday night. I definitely had mixed emotions about ending our short two month season of soccer. I'm really happy I was able to have this experience with Josh.   I'm always asking Josh to do things with me that I love, so I'm really glad we were able to do something together that he really loves. And I felt that with each game I was getting more confident about touching the ball and having people pass the ball to me. But I will be glad to join our small group again as we weren't able to go to small group since most of our games fell on a Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, we did not win our last game, we actually got creamed. The team we played was from a local hospital here in Erie and I was told this team has been playing together for quite a few years. On top of playing a pretty tough team, we were missing some people on our team. LECOM first year's had their anatomy shelf exam the following day (Tuesday) so a lot of our teammates did not show up. Aside from Nataliya and myself, the other three girls on our team did not show up because of the exam but they were the only girls on our team with real soccer experience. We found another girl to sub for us (since you have to have 3 girls on the field during the whole game) but that left Nataliya, the new girl sub, and myself playing the whole game. There was another game this season that I had to play the whole time so I wasn't too worried about not having a sub, I was more worried with the lack of experience on the field between Nataliya and myself and our opponents.

It was definitely a rough game, though Josh said this was probably the best game I've played all season. I might doubt that a little considering the score at the end of the game and the fact that I played on defense the whole game. Nataliya and I played defense together and you can check out our mad defensive skills in the picture below:
 Don't let Nataliya's small stature make you think she is not going to be any trouble on the field.
She is fierce and she can bring it. Watch out!
 True soccer pose style with our foot on the ball. Even in her soccer gear, Nataliya looks totally chic.

A special thank you shout out to Camille and Brooke for coming out to our last came to cheer us on! You two are the best and I hope you know how much I appreciated your support! Thanks you so much!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your soccer season so much...wish we could've seen a game. To answer your question on my blog, we were at Wegerzyn Gardens near downtown. It really is's one of the metro parks. Thanks for your post on my blog....makes me miss you, you coming over for house church, and your love for our kids. We aren't sure yet what we are doing Thanksgiving weekend, but we should be around for part of the weekend. Are you going to be home? Hope we can see you then.

  2. You know Camille has ALL of that cheerleading experience. Did she break out in a jump on the sidelines?

  3. Bethany, you look like you spit sick game--being a Glupker doesn't hurt--and like you could be the sister of this footballer.



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