Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I still don't have shin guards

Soccer game....last girl subs....played whole game....still don't have shin guards...

Josh and I had another indoor game last night. I was feeling much better about this week's game. Last week we had a game on Monday and Tuesday night. Monday night was great, we won the game; but our team was kind of tired on Tuesday and we did not win that game. So having not played on Monday night I was definitely ready for last night's game.

I knew Nataliya wasn't going to be able to come because of school so I was mentally preparing for us girls to only have one sub. (I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but you need to have three girls on the field during the game.) When I got to the fieldhouse I only saw two other girls. I'm already a little nervous about the game in general, when I learned our fourth girl has torn her meniscus, I start freaking out! How am I gonna play the whole game?

Well, I learned last night that your body can do amazing things when it has to. I played a whole game of soccer last night and the pain in didn't really set in until about the last 5 minutes. And aside from getting kicked in the head with the ball from my own goalie standing about 4 and half feet away from me, I had a great time and we won!!


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