Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's Soccer Game

Josh and I just got home after our soccer this evening. Thankfully, we won our game! Woop! Woop! I wasn't really up for playing tonight as I woke up this morning with a nasty cold. I was really torn about going to the game tonight since I wasn't feeling too hot. But I didn't want to let my female teammates down and leave them with only one sub. Who am I kidding? They probably would have done just fine without me. But Josh encouraged me to go and told me only to play if I felt up for it.

Within the first thirty seconds of me out there on the field, I found myself on the floor and I wasn't quite sure how I got there. I think I tripped over someone or someone knocked me down. Who knows? But I was kind of taken back when no one helped me up. I couldn't believe they didn't stop the game to help me up. The nerve. It took me a moment to recover from my sore tailbone and sore ego, but I managed.

After the fall, the game was kind of a blurr to me. I think I pushed myself a little too hard during the first half. But what else was I supposed to do? Go big or go home! That's what I always say.


  1. Bethany...those last 2 lines make it too easy...Marcky will know what I'm talking about (twss).

  2. Josh, you should be nice to your wife... Don't forget that she could take away your ketchup!

  3. Push through the pain-one of my life's mantras! Just ask Camille.

  4. too true brittany...ketchup is this vampire's blood

  5. Im glad yall won but what the heck .. why didnt anyone help you up!? Maybe we should start coming to these games so we can run out on the field to take care of you!!

    Did you get shin guards yet? :)


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