Sunday, September 21, 2008

Awesome Autumn

Happy Fall!

It's the first day of fall! This is probably my most favorite season. I love everything about fall. The changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, switching out my summer clothes for sweaters and scarves, pumpkins, and all of the many warm nostalgic feelings I get during this season like when Josh and started dating fall of our junior year of college.
I heart fall.  
Here are a few fall-ish things I picked up this weekend in honor of my favorite season.

Yummy apple pie candle.
I'm a sucker for cute dish towells. You can find these at one of my favorite hot spots...Target!  


  1. Love the new fun fall stuff!!!! So cute.

  2. Hooray for fall!!!

    Happy autumn to you, too!

    I love the photo of the leaves. You guys already have more color than we do here. I can't wait to see the leaves change.

    Our favorite season is just one more thing that makes us such compatible sisters. :)

    Love you


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