Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babysitting for Addy!

This past Sunday, Josh and I had the honor of babysitting for my good friend Sarah's three week old little girl Adeline Claire. When Sarah called last minute on Sunday in search for a babysitter, I was willing to drop everything for a chance to hang out with little Addy. When Sarah and her husband Josh arrived with Addy, she was sleeping peacefully in her car seat. I gently moved her from her car seat to her pink bouncer where she remained for the majority of the evening...at least until I couldn't stand it and I had to hold her. She slept the whole time she was over. Josh and I think she was dreaming because she was quooing quite a bit, it was pretty cute. I'm sure she was dreaming about her parents because she missed them so much.

Sarah and Josh, thank you again for letting me watch Addy, we had such a great time! Here are a some pictures from the evening. She is absolutely beautiful and I just can't get over how cool her hair is!

Hi mommy and daddy I miss you but I'm having so much fun with Bethany. I hope I get to 
come back soon! 

Josh was a total pro at holding Addy. Even though he kept saying he wanted a dog (like usual) I know he really enjoyed her. 


  1. Oh my gosh, those pics are adorable!!! You guys are awesome babysitters and since I had to leave Addy I am glad it was with y'all!! I know she had a great time and will definitely want to come back! Tell Josh we started with a puppy and two years later had Addy!

  2. Wait! What about me! Come stay with me, Addy!

    Her hair is awesome. I want to copy her hair.

  3. I was just looking at your sweet pictures of little Jonah and the blog suggested for me to look at this post and it made me cry thinking about how sweet you were to watch her for me!! I am so happy for you guys...he is adorable and I know you are the best mommy! Miss you!


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