Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome To The World!

Hello world, meet Adeline Claire Allen!  Today my friend Sarah gave birth to her first baby girl, Adeline Claire. And I had the great pleasure of meeting little Addy today!

 At 6lbs. 7oz. she's a tiny little nugget. 

Look at all of her black hair.   
I can't wait to have her join us for our girls' group.  
Congratulations Sarah and Josh! I am so happy for you!


  1. How fun! You look like a natural holding her. (Love your haircut too). Nothing like a new baby!!!
    Tell your friends congrats.

    I promise I'll call you soon....things have been super busy.
    Love you, J.

  2. AW!!! She's so beautiful! I wish I could meet her! See you soon, Addy!

  3. i second the comment on your hair - it looks amazing. can't wait to cut mine.

    Adeline's hair looks pretty good too. She's totally rockin the new baby look.


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