Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ron & Tom For Dinner

Last night Josh and I had two of his friends from med-school over for dinner, Ron and Tom. I made dinner for them a couple times last year, and I look forward to keeping up with the tradition. For dinner...we started with a spinach salad and then on to the main course of shrimp and steak kebobs with pineapple, red onion, and red pepper with crash hot potatoes courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.  If I would have known the potatoes were going to be a hit, I wish I would have made more. Sorry guys.

And for dessert...well let me explain first...I couldn't decide what to make so I made two desserts. I know that sounds crazy but both of them were incredibly easy and super delicioso! Thanks again to PW for the recipe of pots de creme and thank you Brooke for your recipe to your fabulous cream cheese squares. Needless to say, both were a hit!.
Pots de Creme....pronounced “Po de Krehm”
Cream cheese square with fresh fruit.
Talk about yumm...lets just say if you're having a bad day, either of these desserts will to do the trick to totally redeem your day.

And now for pictures for whom this dinner was in honor of:
This is Tom and Tom is getting married!!! His fiancée,
Mary is from my hometown!
So she has to be a great girl if she's from Dayton.

This is Ron, he was a little bashful about having his picture taken.

It just took him a little while to warm up to my camera.

Ron threatened if I posted this picture of him he wouldn't come
back for dinner. I'm not too worried about that, I'm pretty sure he'll be back.

....Me and the boys...
After dinner, Josh broke out our Wii again for a few games of Mario Kart and Wii Sports. Things got interesting and pretty competetive during Wii bowling. Okay fine, I was really competetive. I may not have come out on top but at least I beat Ron!
That's Ron in 3rd place. He used my mother's mii as himself. Yes my mii has huge phat shades, that's how I rock it.

(I understand these quotes aren't going to be funny unless you were actually there and you heard Ron saying them, so these are just for our memory and I'll pretend you also find them hilarious.)
Quotes from Ron last night....while playing Wii:
"Monkey butt!"
"I'm a baller shot caller."
"Thank you Tiger."
"I haven't had something that juicy in my mouth since I met you Tom."
Thank you guys for a great night! Looking forward to having you over again soon!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun! Will you e-mail me those recipes you used... pretty pleeeease???


  2. I didn't know you were such a great cook! Everything looks delicious!!!

  3. look at you!!! Chef! Im glad the cream cheese things worked out. Everything else looks amazing!


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