Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hudsonville Fair...two years ago

Yes I know this happened two years ago but this is in response to the Ruiter's blog....

Yesterday, our brother and sister the Ruiter's (Addie and Holden's parents) posted about their trip to the Hudsonville fair. It got me all reminiscent about my trip to the Hudsonville fair two years ago (this is before Josh and I were engaged and pre-Holden). The fair was so fun! We walked around to the different barns, checked out a bunch of tractors, but what I remember the most was the fair food. When is it ever okay to eat fried dough covered with powdered sugar? At the fair of course.  I think it's called an elephants ear??? Is that right Chris? Anyways, it's darn good, enough said.

I was looking back at my pictures from the fair and most of them feature little Addie when she was about a year and a half. She just melts our hearts. I'm having a hard time believing that was two years ago and she is three now and I'm married to her uncle! Time sure does fly.  I'm sure she was making her papa proud of choosing to sit on only the green and yellow tractors.

I'm sure she was making her papa proud of only sitting on the green and yellow tractors.
Chillin' with Grandpa.
Now these pictures are priceless.
Standing by the dumpster watching the tractor pull, best seats in the house.

 This has become a Ruiter family tradition.
And here I am, just a little city girl with her new John Deere t-shirt. I totally look like I could drive this tractor, right? Don't answer that Chris.  

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  1. that's funny...holden and addie both had the same haircut while at the fair too...only 2 years apart!


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