Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mary Kay Party

Last night I hosted a Mary Kay party for my friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth has just started selling MK and I was her first facial party! I'm pretty excited for her new business adventure as I know she will do a wonderful job, and a perk for me is I will always know where to go when I'm looking to buy MK products. For those of you out there looking for MK products, just give me a holler cause I might know someone who sells MK.
This is Camille helping Nataliya with her lipstick. I have a few other pictures that also feature Camille from tonight, but I'm pretty sure she would kick me in the shins if I posted them on my blog.

Another plus to having the party last night was I got to see my girls! I haven't seen some of these girls all summer and I sure did miss them. I'm used to see these girls at least once a week, I have been going through serious girls' group withdrawal. Having quality girl time totally made my week and I look forward to seeing them once a week again (good Lord's willing). Thank you Elizabeth for a fun night of facials and fellowship with each other, it was fun!!! I'm looking forward to Sarah's MK party next Thursday!!


  1. Cute Post. Also, thanks for not making me kick you in the shins.

  2. nice! Love the pictures... I had a blast too! It was fun getting to just hang out!

  3. How fun! Nothing like a good night of girl fun! Makes me jealous! :) I'll call you soon.

  4. You were such a good hostess and I loved hanging out with my favorite girls!

  5. GO AHEAD-post the pics of Camille. All the family would LOVE IT!


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