Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If you didn't know, my car used to belong to my sister and she named it Waluigi. She came up with the name from a character from the video game on Nintendo Game Cube and also because the car is purple (it's actually black amethyst, but who am I kidding, my car is purple and getting more purple).
This is Waluigie....I'm a-gonna win!

Anyways...last winter we noted when Waluigi hit 25,000 miles and at the beginning of June 30,000. Due to all of our traveling this summer we put 3,000 miles on Waluigi in 2 months! Waluigi is tired and is ready for a break from the highway.

I had the oil changed before Memorial day which is before all of the traveling began. Usually you get to wait a 3-4 months or at least 3,000 miles for your next one, but my sticker is saying it's time for another oil change. So do I get an oil change because I've hit the mileage that says it's due? Or can I go by the date which says October?


  1. When your miles are "Road Miles" and not "City Miles", you can usually go up to 5,000 between changes. Look in your owner's manual, it should tell you that.

  2. Waluigi... you are getting more purpley every day.

    I love you, Waluigi.

  3. I was pretty sure the Pennsylvania speed limit was 65? Looks to me like you must have made a quick trip to Nebraska or South Dakota. Hope you had fun, you should post some pics of your trip.


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